Friday, October 22, 2021

Overcast birding at Hosaadu

17th October 2021

Overcast days are painful for birding especially when it is mixed with haze. This beautiful village is filled with nature & birds, but the overcast weather keeping things dark. We had few rituals at in-laws house and once concluded, I went for short stroll to grab some bird. My primary intention was to capture Loten's sunbird clearly but I could not get fine picture due to overcast skies.

Bit of rain followed by overcast skies. The fence after the nearby paddy field was abuzz with green bee-eaters. It is quite common to spot them here at eye level. But the poor sunlight spoiled everything. My 10yr old camera cannot match to the darkness with unusable image at ISO800. Here are bee-eaters for record.

I have been watching the paddyfield pipits in hosaadu quite frequently. This pipit was perched on the fencing pole for a while cleaning its wet body after rains. I started capturing it from distance which was not good image in darkness. Gradually I neared the bird and started shooting. Even though bird got confused with shutter sound, it did not take things seriously. Later I moved quite close and snapped good images but still not crisp. That's the max I could get under overcast skies with ISO 800. Hope to captured them clearly during sunlight. Their plumage equating with mature/harvested paddy field is difficult for colour reproduction.

Here is notional thought of bird when it heard shutter sound for fun!

What was that, looks some bird noise.

Nothing behind though!

What was that again, did it come from behind or downwards. Is it new species?

Later the bird flew away spotting me but by that time I had many in frame. Still not great pictures as predicted due to poor light

It started to get dark again and I was feeling drowsy. On the way back, this white throated kingfisher was graceful enough to stay steady despite being closer. I got some fluffy picture of this bird even in overcast sky. The bird did see my movement but perhaps knew that I am harmless. Even though light was poor, the proximity exposed great details of bird. I am sharing all of them to thank the bird for understanding my intention :-)

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Bronzed Drongo - When you ignore backyard repeatedly

16 October 2021

Sometimes we overlook nice things in backyard. I do it on most occasion. That happened even today. I went for hot midday stroll hoping for spotting new birds. It was not a disappointing one. I heard flame throated bulbul but could not frame it again. Problem is they choose high canopy when I carry camera but when I am empty handed, they are like ready to sit near me. Anyways hope to get them soon.

On the way back, I spotted this shiny bird. They were not black drongo for sure. Soon I realized that it was bronzed drongo. Their shining plumage was testimony to their name. The metallic shine is enchanting. I double confirmed the ID from internet by their sheen on body and lightly forked tail. There were many beneath dense canopy. These were birds I was ignoring for black drongo. That was not case ultimately. They were bronzed drongo having dwelling in thick forests. I could not get better picture due to poor light on bird. They are plenty in numbers near house. Hope to grab them in sunshine. This bird alleviated the fatigue after hot & humid midday walk.

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Winter has not started but migratory birds are back

16th October 2021

The clouds persist every morning. The sunlight is poor which means not great setup for birding. We had religious function yesterday and consequently tired to jog today. I pulled up my camera with new hope. Rather than looking for distant birds, I went straight towards backyard forest hoping for some goodies.

I spotted blue-faced-malkoha again but its restlessness did not allow me to shoot pictures. Later it disappeared to dense undergrowth. I ignored the bird and started looking around. Out of blue, the Indian paradise flycatcher arrived both with cinnamon and white coloured ones. These birds migrate from north India to South during winter. However, the winter has not yet started here in our village but winter migrators are here already :-D. So we have the white flycatchers as well in our village. Hope to snap them in broad daylight some days later.

Meanwhile, Indian golden oriole was fighting with drongos and later settled in tree branch. For few moments, it was looking for source of shutter sound before leaving the perch.

Back to fields, the Asian openbill was grooming its body to gear up for the day. Looks to be pair. 

I spotted common-iora in open for a while. Common-iora is quite common here in our village. Their presence is clear with screech + whistling sound as mentioned in earlier posts. Even though the sounds are familiar, their presence behind dense canopy makes it difficult to snap their picture. I rarely seen them in open. Their witty screech + whistle is teasing photographer "catch me if you can".

White browed wagtail to conclude post. Daily visitor to our house and boldly faces human presence. They are the most easy grabs for birding here at our village along with red-whiskered-bulbul

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