Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Monsoon 2020 has set in

On June 4th, IMD officially declared onset of South West monsoon 2020 over coastal Karnataka. We can also sense the onset by the free flow of clouds from SW direction towards mainland. The monsoon is yet to gain momentum though. Thanks to out of blue cyclones, the monsoonal pattern fleetingly getting distracted and thus hindering the normal advancement. We still have sunny skies at native which is unusual at this point of time. MET department are hopeful of accelerated monsoon spell from 9th June.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the terrace from my rented apartment. The sky raisers are threatening to obstruct the views permanently. I don't have control over the ever growing concrete pinnacles. Till the last drop, I will enjoy the elevated view and grab some timelapse.

During my casual stroll atop terrace, I catch these magnificent thick monsoon clouds. These are assorted pictures photographed in a week of time during our evening terrace visit. It rains in city area sometimes and sometimes over head. Consequently, sometimes we can only experience thick clouds with occasional thunder and cold winds. Somehow these nimbus clouds lure me to grab pictures in burst. I cannot resist that temptations. Many times, that impatience leads to illegible pictures which I repent once i download it to my desktop. This time, it did not happen even though emotions were high. I clicked pictures absorbing the beauty of monsoon and enjoyed the distant storm whenever possible.

Finally a beautiful sunset

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Final spells of pre-monsoon rains

Cyclones are persistently haunting India monsoon season. After amphan, its turn of Nisarga over Arabian sea waters. The warming up of ocean is major concern for the onset of monsoon. They inspire cyclones and thus hampering the smooth onset of monsoon winds. The Nisarga also doing the same damage by disrupting the normal monsoon pattern. Consequently, the coastal Karnataka is yet to see their first monsoon rains. The MET department has announced the delay of monsoon rains making into mainland of coastal Karnataka but at the same time assured that monsoon would be normal. Hopefully it turns out be true.

Meanwhile, the Bangalore skies have been seeing cloud activity and mild wind but no rains from past 4 days. Today, during our casual stroll in apartment terrace, a huge band of clouds moved over our head and showering the region for 10 mins. The cloud formation was beautiful and rains were ad-hoc. I term it as ad-hoc rains since the cloud cover was not vast. Probably, the clouds were abundant with moisture. We covered ourself beneath the overhead tank platform which gave us maximum protection.

I was in no mood to return home. It was sure that rains would not last long and post rains something interesting would pop-up. My prediction did come true fortunately. There was full rainbow as well as distant isolated storm. My mobile camera was busy capturing the wonders of nature and I was busy enjoying the natural phenomenon. The kids too enjoyed in rain water. The photos were captured during the glorious day and I was enthralled post capturing the scenes. Looks like these will last spells of pre-monsoon rains and we look forward for welcoming the monsoon clouds sooner. Till then enjoy the nature glimpses caught on the fortunate day.

A lush blue sky to begin with

The clouds are almost over our head

A nascent rainbow post rains

As sun appears again, the brightness of rainbow amplified

A distant isolated storm and its close up look

Finally, the picture after atmosphere cooled off along with smiling moon

Good news is that, MET department finally declared outset of monsoon in coastal Karnataka. However, the rains are yet to gain intensity. We may need to wait further for strengthening of monsoon clouds over arabian sea. Hopefully, the monsoon will soon get over from the side-effect of Cyclone NISARGA and shower happiness on people of farming community.

Here is a collection of Pre-Monsoon 2020 timelapse. The shots were predominantly taken in Bangalore with contributions from my village near Udupi and in-laws village near Kundapura

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Back to Bangalore

As planned, we landed in Bangalore after fantastic stay in native for more than 2 months. As posted earlier, there were numerous reasons to leave native and travel back to city. One of the sad part returning was missing monsoon season. That sadness though still persisting.

The skies of Bangalore are not disappointing though. The evening skies are covered with thick pre monsoon clouds resulting in shower every day. Yesterday we witnessed torrential rains never seen before in my stay in Bangalore. The rains lasted for nearly 75 minutes and measured nearly 70mm in rain gauge. Probably we can term it as cloudburst. The winds, thunder was ferocious matching the intensity of rain. I was elated by watching such energetic rains.

The next day, we stepped towards apartment terrace to view the vividity of skies. On one side we had glittering sunset and on the other, dark pre monsoon clouds. It was beautiful contrast to witness. I caught these scenes both in timelapse and still photos. I have good collection of pre monsoon cloud timelapse which I will post once met department officially declares onset of monsoon in our state. Hope you enjoy the pictures and ferocious rain video.

Here is the video of the aforementioned ferocious rains

Lost divinity

These pictures were snapped last year during festival times at Udupi Krishna Matha. The pictures looked normal those days but special nowadays primarily due to Corona crisis. It has been months since we saw the lord krishna and sought blessings. The religious location is still not open for public owing to burst in corona cases. It seems like even Lord is not happy with human race and wants to face the fallout of human greed. Krishna was the one who lectured people stating every living being has a soul. But humans are becoming greedy due to their intelligence. May be lord also wants us to be aware of this fact and tone down our wants.

Let those freedom filled days be back again. Now these pictures look precious. Even though the lord lies in our hearts, there is divinity when you visit his place. There can be no replacement for that. We pray lord to allow us to seek his blessings sooner.

And finally, obeisance to Lord Ananteshwara to break the shackles of pandemic

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Deserted village

04 April 2020

An older post which was hidden somewhere in mobile notes. This was documented nearly 3 months back. Hope you enjoy it now as well.

The lockdown is in force. The village is deserted. The village which was almost deserted is now completely silenced due to ongoing lockdown. The noise is only fluttering of coconut plantation. The euphony of melodic birds is dominating morning time. The egrets are fearless due to reduced human activity and flying freely over the fields. Hopefully, the silence will be broken in the form thunderstorms just to have temporary relief from scorching weather. The vegetation also deserted due to lack of rains. It rained few drops couple of days back. Hence there is hope. The clouds are continuously ferrying over troposphere which strengthens our hope.

Distant hope of thunderstorms

I am at a place where night temperatures are above 28 degree Celsius and humidity crossing 80%. The biting ants are out of burrows to escape heat. Despite the soaring mercury, we drink boiled water. They say virus dies in hot & humid conditions but that's not predictable. Who knows if it gets quickly adapted to any temperature? That's why it's called novel and mystical too. Ignorance has costed developed countries astronomically in terms of human lives and economy. So let's be humble and stay at home instead of assumptions until a suitable medicine is invented.

The silence of human civilization is bringing cheers in wild all round globe. The nature is enjoying and wild is fearlessly roaming. This shows that wild does not need human for survival. They are thoroughly enjoying the quiet time. Probably god heard their prayers too

Hinduism believes that every living thing earth has part of God in it. Through this pandemic, the God wants to teach humans that this earth is not exclusive to human civilization. God has created this beautiful place for everyone and nobody has exclusive right on the resource. Remember there is someone above man's intellect. The pandemic is beyond human control and only saviour is the supreme lord. Let's be humble and understand that the universe is under supreme lord and no-one has control over it. Let's seek asylum under supreme lord and believe that current crisis is fallout of human greed and ignorance

Take care everyone.

Much awaited pre-monsoon rains

Cyclone amphan has its influence in coastal Karnataka too. Good amount rain fell for couple of days and thus blooming the parched ground. The humidity is still in tact which is good news for advancement of SW monsoon. The cyclone is likely to delay advancement of monsoon by 9 days which is alarming but weather experts have predicted normal monsoon. But this shift in time is difficult for farmers to outset farming activities. The uneven distribution creates jitter in farming community on the pattern of rainfall. Hopefully we will have less fluctuations and farmers can peacefully cultivate paddy.

Meanwhile, this was one of the best pre-monsoon rains witnessed at my in laws place, a village near Kundapura this year. After a long wait, 3rd week of May saw heavy pre monsoon downpour for nearly 30 minutes. Till then the water problem was terrible and people were praying for rains. The heavy downpour filled umpteen relief in people of the region finally and temporarily released water starvation. Look how the parched regions are desperately waiting for rains. The dry shrubs also depict the absence of rains from many months. It is quite ironic that the region which receives 5000 mm annually suffers from severe water shortage around fag end of May. Probably this is consequence of non uniform distribution of rains which are concentrated only during months of June to September. Keeping the concerns apart, enjoy the solid rains for a while :-)

So I kept natural things natural. All pictures are straight from camera with zero edits

And yet another pre-monsoon rain video but this time from Kundapura village. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Prelims of Monsoon

23rd May 2020

Fag end of May, it's common sight to witness huge stream of clouds visiting evening skies. Thanks to strong onshore winds, the clouds are seamlessly moving from Arabian sea to landmass.  The amphan cyclone faded away just in a day but with a huge tale of destruction. The prolonged stay of cyclone would have further aggravated the advancement of monsoon. Now that fear is wiped out and MET department has released good news of no more cyclonic activity predicted neither over Bay of Bengal nor Arabian Sea. This further fosters smooth advancement of monsoon activity.

The lockdowns are relaxed, the businesses are blooming again. Consequently, I too decided to travel back to Bangalore tomorrow. There are many circumstances which made me to take decision and rather tough one. The monsoon would soon make its landfall in our region assumed to result in decline of Internet speed quality dampening WFH activity. Hence I inevitably chose to travel to Bangalore. On my penultimate day of stay, I captured the heavy band of clouds flying from west towards mainland. The humidity is still high which is excellent news. The intense cloud activity and high humidity sets perfect environment for onset of monsoon. I thought it would rain at night but it did not. Hopes are soaring. We will have good monsoon season this year as per MET department but not even. Let's hope for best and pray god for prosperity.

I don't know when can I revisit my village due to ongoing pandemic. As of now, with heavy heart, I am bidding adieu to the beautiful nature. I had longing to stay for a month to enjoy those pearls of heaven. But I can't. Sometimes you need to accept the reality and move ON.


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