Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Monsoon Diary 2020 - Paddy fields of Arate

Everyday around 4:30PM, I accompany my father in law to Hosaadu dairy to bring fresh milk to house. The local villagers milk during evening time and supply excess of them to dairy. The local dairy then stores them in cold storage before transporting to central dairy. We walk through the main road daily and return via same path. Today after witnessing distant fields, I requested father in law to walk through the fields to reach home to which he humbly accepted.

The egrets were having their pickings amidst the paddy fields. The trail was flanked by lush paddy plants. The walk through the trail is exciting and sometimes tend to loose balance. I was teetering in certain paths which needs experience to walk steadily. It took a bit more time to reach house due to rugged path and intermittent photo captures. The beautiful walk concluded as we neared home. The joyous walk was not without majestic bucolic view of green fields shining against the azure skies. That tonal contrast is definitely not an exaggeration. Hope you enjoy the pictures too!

Monsoon Diary 2020 - The splendid kundapura-hosaadu stretch

I wrote about the Kundapura-Udupi stretch here. The stretch is truly filled with bountiful nature but not without equally dense urban population. Contrastingly, the kundapura-hosaadu stretch hosts natural element far greater than the urban population. You stumble upon 5 river stretches in a span of 8kms. While same number of rivulets could be spotted between Kundapura-Udupi while covering 35kms. I have not captured many of them due to time constraints. Here are few from hosaadu village.

And short capture while driving in rain through this stretch

Friday, January 8, 2021

Monsoon Diary 2020 - Surprise visitors

Birds aren't unusual but a fine morning we had unusual class of birds spotted in Udupi town. They are the hornbills which are residents of rainforest accidentally found in concrete jungle. Not sure the reason for their presence here. Since Udupi town is near to Western Ghats, these birds would have migrated to have a look of town :-). Also these guys would be chuckling at the deluge that battered the town few days back. Probably they would be satisfied to see disasters over human habitats since the deforestation is slowly obliterating their habitat.

Meanwhile, I spotted and captured out of luck for sure. As soon I saw them, I grabbed my tele and had quick clicks. They were extremely volatile that within minutes, they flew away to unknown location. Probably they like to have full trip of town to enjoy the revenge from nature.

Monsoon Diary 2020 - Waves at Maravanthe beach

The dust is slowly settling. My father health recovered and discharged from hospital. It was time to spend some additional time in nature. The place we chose was none other than Marvanthe beach. The monsoon charm is not dead yet. The violent waves of Maravanthe was testimony for that. It was not casual beach to visit rather and indirect visit. Some pending works at nearby town drew us to the beach and it was worth the visit. Although light was bad, the waves were majestic. I did not have DSLR but mobile was enough to capture the ferocious waves. Here are few clicks

Standing on slipper break water construction is quite risky. There aren't many guards here due to pandemic. You need to guard your own life and its common sense. Life is not selfie show for others but a show to be played for yourself.

Many people have lost lives meddling with such giant waves

Finally short glimpse of monster waves!

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Monsoon Diary 2020 - Obeisance to Serpent god at Admar

22 September 2020

We have leaped into 2021 and wondering why the outdated blog now? They say history should be burnt and rebuilt. That is blunt saying. We should always wipe off harsh memories but not its learnings. Also never forget to relish those bygone good times which is positive booster in your life. To relish those monsoon days amidst the harsh times, I am persisting the Monsoon 2020 blog. There are many more to come to boost your enthusiasm/boredom :-). Hope you enjoy the sequel!

The deluge day was over but the MET department's RED alert was still active. What people witnessed was blue sky with haze. The weather was muggy which hinted at further rains. The deluge day had cancelled many gatherings and ceremonies. Despite the ongoing chaos of pandemic, people are organizing tiny gatherings to move on. There is no point in stalling the life forever. Even the monthly serpent ceremony of my uncle was hindered by the deluge that battered entire Udupi district. The path to Admar which is uncle's village, was also under water. It was impossible to move out of the Udupi town on 20th. Hence my uncle had no option to postpone the ceremony considering the turbulent weather.

The calm atmosphere! It looks as if no rains from past one week :-D

Today, the bright sunshine gave bright hope. Uncle had heavy belongings to carry to Admar. I joined him in transporting the required luggage in car. The interior path leading to village was the enticing part. It has been years since I visited Admar. Today I fully absorbed the village and its nature. It was heart-warming to view the nature at its peak beauty. The streams were majestic, the fields were green and why not monsoon was not yet over. We visited Admar mutt first and unloaded the heavy luggage which was meant to be transported to uncle's ancestral house. Once the task is complete, we steered towards Serpent's abode located few kms away from Mutt. In interim, I snapped few photos of tempting coconut plantations and blooming flowers.

The mud road leading to serpent abode was loose which threatened us a bit. We were sceptical if the surface would bear the weight of car due to dampness. The apprehensions were washed away after smoothly crossing the narrow & wet road and we soon reached the required destination.  We were welcomed by showers on our arrival :-).

The ceremony is not easy-going. Lot of cleaning needs to be carried along with preparations for ritual. My aunt prepares the offerings to deity on preceding day to load balance. The actual ritual happens on next day when my uncle and his assistant performs pooja and other religious activities devoutly. Due to COVID, limited gathering of devotees were allowed. I could not stay till the conclusion of ritual due to other commitments. The enjoyment was though two-fold, first and foremost being able to offer obeisance to serpent god & pray for well being of people and second one was that I was able to thoroughly enjoy the lush green nature thanks to prevailing monsoon.

Interestingly as per Hindu books, the propitiating Serpent god is the solution to miseries created by Rahu(known as Chaya graha). It is also believed that the current pandemic is due to strong presence of Rahu in Mithuna Rashi. The serpent god represents nature in our region. The destruction of natural habitat is also said to be cause of havoc created by tiny virus. Whatever might be the reason, I regard this visit as call by Serpent God more than fortunate visit. Let us pray the serpent god to relieve the world from pandemic and guide us to prosperity. The fallout of the pandemic should make human lives humble and enlighten the mankind that earth is for every living species that was created by almighty.

On the way back, these fabulous scenes tempted me to alight at this place and take couple of pictures. The reflection was endearing to capture.


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