Thursday, February 22, 2018

Peachy Sunset

It was quite disappointing visit this time to native place on Republic day and the reason, I keep it undisclosed. The Kaup beach sunset, however, to some extent circumvented this debilitation. As usual, the shoreline was crowded on republic day with ecstatic tourists romping in sea water. The western horizon too was blooming with golden color sharing its joy with the ocean! Surprisingly, the tidal waves are turning stronger (Lunar eclipse?) and have crossed the path which we walked during our last visit. The variations in sea tides has cleaved the shoreline and sea resulting in abrupt dunes. This enabled me to snap few elevated shots with mobile as well as DSLR.

There is another lamenting factor. My DSLR is fast exhausting shutter cycles. It's almost 2/3rd done and only 1/3rd life left. Unfortunately, I am not in a situation to splurge on new DSLR and ancillaries. Consequently, there is a calculation on every shot I grab especially on HDRs where a lot of diligence is needed for calculating exposure levels. It's time to be more attentive and careful on each and every shot I compose. Of course, timelapses may die down soon. And yeah, as Robert Kiyosaki mentions in his best selling book "Rich Dad Poor Dad", before stating financially not viable just ponder as how can you afford it. Hmmm.. Yes! I just have not thought about as how can I afford it by altering my financial moves. Is there a need to buy such swanky gadgets. Yes, for me at-least, and I love landscapes and want to frame the benevolent nature in best possible way!

The pictures shot in mobile phone and edited with snapseed. Such scenes are sufficient to fend off disappointment. That's the power of nature. It can beat even human emotions.

The grave mistakes I commit is to find happiness at wrong places. Without hesitation, nature turns out to be my ultimate source of happiness. It is better to be rationale than holding on to expectations. Unfortunately, the poignant moment occurred after the beach visit. Ergo, sadness persisted for few more days and perturbed mind needed distractions to clear those moment of sadness.

And yeah there are lot of goodies Kaup beach can offer nowadays to tourists. The newly introduced boat ride lured many visitors during Republic day. The jet boat was absconding though! I have limited shots with DSLR as well, but will share in separate post.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Passport renewal 2018 - My experience

14 Feb 2018,

It has been 3 months since the passport expired and my response was lethargic to renew it. This laziness is attributed to naught stamps on the passport. You understand it right :-). It was total chaos when I applied passport for the first time. That chaos was never worth due to zero stampings :-(. Anyways, my father has been pestering to renew the passport and after long indolence, I finally applied for renewal. Here how it goes!

My appointment was due on 14th Feb at 12:45PM in Passport Seva Kendra (further referred to as PSK), Lalbagh, Bangalore. The online submission of application is quite simple. After paying the required amount, my slot was fixed on aforementioned timeline. I gathered all required documents with 2 set of photocopies.


Intention of passport renewal

(i) Expired within 3 yrs from date of expiry
(ii) Changing to Bangalore address
(iii) Addition of wife's name

What did I carry (Originals + 2 self-attested photocopies of each)

(i)  Old passport (This can be proof for many attributes like validating parent's name and DOB. Probably it can be used for address proof as well if you want same address to be retained)

(ii) Aadhar card

(iii) PAN card

(iv)  GAS connection bill (Carry if bills are from public sector company. Mine was from IOC. Carry three latest bills as precautionary measure)

(v) Matriculation certificate

(vi) B.Tech certificate

(vii) Marriage certificate (For inclusion of wife's name)

Note that you don't need to carry photographs unless minor is present (4yrs or below). In such cases carry a passport size photograph of minor with white background.

Additional notes

Please carry food and water if the appointment is during lunch time. The PSK does not have any canteen or snack shop to satisfy the stomach. Once you enter, it's a trap until the process concludes.

The SMS notifications will cost Rs.45/- extra. If you need protective cover for passport, additional amount needs to be paid depending on chosen quality. Both are optional. The fee needs to be paid at the  "A" counter where the initial screening is conducted.

The parking space was full when I reached PSK. I had to park bike in Pay&Park facility which charged Rs.15/- per hour. That is exorbitant looking at the condition of facility. It was open under Sun and dust ridden. There was no choice as well :-(. The trouble is more for four wheelers since the space is insufficient. I suggest to take a cab or ride two-wheeler to avoid parking menace. 

What was my plan?

My plan was to start early as 11AM and on completion, relish sumptuous South Indian meal at MTR once process ends. However, situations never wind up as  predicted. The situation reversed due to reasons described further :D.

As planned, I set out at 11AM exactly. Before releasing the center stand of Shine, I had vague look at the google maps to get a feeling of current traffic. Expectedly, it showed ample red spots en-route and threw estimated time of 40mins in bike. Yes, the first bottleneck was none other than Hebbal flyover followed by Mekhri circle. The blistering heat was difficult to contain alongside burning carbon. The next one is chowdaiah circle and later planetarium. It was smooth ride later until the corporation signal arrived. Overall I reached destination with no route hassles exactly at 11:40AM. Thats what even maps predicted. Google maps bang on target! I chose Lalbagh PSK since it was nearest to my location and route was familiar to me.

The PSK is neatly organized and people were called on basis of batch number. Clear instructions were announced repeatedly to have self-attested photocopy of originals. My turn arrived at 1:20PM, a little later than the prescribed time. After checking all documents, token was issued for further processing. The electronic display boards efficiently display the counter numbers for you. Also, there is photocopy unit inside PSK, Lalbagh which people can make use of. It charges normal fee of Re.1 per copy.

There are three counters before you end your day in PSK. It is printed as A-->B-->C-->EXIT in token. Section A consists of document verification and photo session. The staffs are cordial and check each and every documents you brought. They staple only the documents required for verification. In my case, it was self attested copies of old passport, gas connection bill, and marriage certificate. These documents are scanned and uploaded to passport database. Hence one need to carry self-attested photocopies of originals. Despite having all the required documents there is always a pinch of skepticism blowing on our mind. For me, it was bit intense due to the chaotic experiences of first time.

The section A was concluded in jiffy. Now comes the sluggish part. The sections B & C are scrutinized by government officials. The verification becomes stringent from now onwards and there are chances of rejection. It was the lunch time and the queue was lugging as most of officials were out for lunch. After a while, it picked up pace and the backlogs were swiftly cleared. It was around 2:40PM when my turn arrived for section B perusal. The verification was smooth lasting for few seconds. One surprise was that official asked for older bills as well which fortunately I possessed. By this time, my tummy was rumbling with hunger and famished soul was desperate for food. I did not carry any eatables as well, not even water :-(. The successful conclusion of section B cooled the nerves and I guzzled a glass of water before the final round call arrives.

The section C waiting time for mere 20mins. The process again was smooth and sailed in few seconds. Basically section B & C are verified by government officials at different levels. If the officials are not satisfied with documents submitted, you may need to have chat with APO (I assume). Once the section C is completed, it's all over :-). Proceed to the acknowledgement section and grab your copy.

The representative at Counter-A had informed me that change of address would trigger police verification additionally. Surprisingly, to me, the passport was issued with no police verification :-). It looks like it's the case with every renewal application which has change of address (citation needed). The acknowledgment clearly mentioned, "No Police verification needed". I was delighted after receiving an instant message from Passport center quoting my application has been initiated for print!!! Voila!! The passport process is streamlined to make consumer job easy. At the end of day after whopping 4hrs of patience culminated in desired results. It was time to relish some delicacies at MTR.

Below paragraphs may seem superfluous to readers. It is possible to skip anyways :-)

It was 3:50PM during my exit and parking authority would anyway charge me for 5hours. I decided to walk till MTR which is few meters away from PSK. Despite the famished soul, the taste of MTR added further resistance to my tummy! When I reached MTR, alas! the meal service was shut by 2:45PM. Nevertheless, there is more to savor here. I ordered masala dose, badam burfi and fruit salad to contain my hunger. Within minutes, the order arrived and it's time to devour. The badam burfee taste was not upto the mark of MTR but Masala dose was impeccable. The fruit-salad was garnished with variety of fruits blent with tasty soft ice cream. The items in MTR are served in traditional attire. Despite the city turning cosmopolitan, the grand buffet hotels can never surpass the legacy hotels like MTR :-).


Extra ghee provided in tiny container to smear over dosa, adds more taste :-).

The specialty of MTR is tasty filter coffee served in a silver tumbler. The exhaustion due to excruciating wait would tempt anyone to gulp a cup of delicious filtered coffee. The stroll from PSK to MTR under blistering Sun superseded the choice and I was in no mood to drink coffee. The fruit salad, garnished with range of fruits and blent with soft ice-cream was ideal choice to passively quiet the scorching heat.

After tasty snack treat, I bought a new branded helmet from helmet shop nearby MTR which was planned from long time. The new "ride crown" carries 2 years of warranty with it. There are numerous helmet shops along this stretch and consequently various brands to choose from!

Once invigorated after having tasty food, it was time to head back to home. The return path too was battered by hefty traffic but the soul was calm due to successful outcome. A trundle bike ride of nearly an hour amidst traffic heck, and belching wagons lead me safely to home :-)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

An unfortunate setting and a fortunate outcome!

19th Jan 2018,

From fortunate in previous post to unfortunate in this write-up :D. Today, I took the same detour even this Friday but was planned. The roads in the shorter route has turned pathetic and dusty. Also white-topping work would begin in front of tech park next week which claims the longevity of 35 years. The main route is immobilized by traffic heck, dust ridden, carbon spewing antique/unserviced wagons and predominantly dilapidated roads. As a pre-emptive action, it was inevitable to take detour. Barring a tiny stretch, it's smooth ride along the detour and provides a pinch of rural picture.

Even this time, there was great sunset. The sun was blazing with clear and crisp circular yellow-red glow. Absence of haze added more charm to the landscape. As expected my excitement peaked and I hustled towards the lake after parking bike in lake gate :D. I only had mobile phone this time and snapped few sunset views from phone camera. It was bit annoying to watch the pictures since the boundary of Sun was blemished by flares. This is when you remember mighty DSLRs which can surpass mobile camera quality. Anyways, there was no scope to moan further since mobile was the only option.

Frustration escalated  as I reached home and glanced at the pictures. My HDR settings were off :-(. Oh that poor photographer. Despite my past experiences of not peeking once at settings before shooting the landscapes, I don't learn :(. The  infamous event repeated this time too. "I mean the Sun was quick to melt down and I had no choice than to hurry" spouted the inner voice. No more excuses please! It's time to internalize your thoughts. The time is gone and patience is lost. On many occasions, overwhelming excitement leads to sheer ignorance. This is not the first time it happened to me.

Despite the fact that I turned off in camera HDR, the silhouettes turned out magnificent. The orange-yellow glow shimmering the lake with dark cityscape framed endearing picture. After fiddling with WB, the real mood of the scene accentuated. It opened up alternative ways to photograph landscape. So, stop beating yourself with words and start learning :-). The final product dwarfed the unfortunate ramblings scribbled before!

Having read inconsequential moaning, hope you enjoy pictures as well :)

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Guest passenger

Before someone slays this creature for that tasty feast, he/she might have wished for at-least auto ride as final wish :-). I don't recognize its gender. If this is hen, well the chopping is delayed due to obvious yielding of eggs. If this is cock, the days are nearing by dude, have your last breath or view from the rickshaw :-). Also as a cock you can pay rent only by asking your partner. If partner disobeys then sacrifice is the only way :D.

Shot during casual stroll along the Souparnika river hinterland.

Friday, February 9, 2018


We had memorable nature stroll with enticing visual tales along the Souparnika river hinterland (possibly neverland) near Kundapura. Every moment was joyous despite the scorching sun and humid weather of coast (far superior than the vociferous city!). A strenuous stroll of nearly 10kms exposed the wonders of the backwater region and its hidden beauty. We discovered the prolific charm of nature with profuse perspiration. I am obliged to enthusiasm of dear relatives, without them the memorable stroll would have been impractical to cherish and realize. Probably evening hours would have been ideal time to walk around the region but hardly squeezed time for the stroll. Anyways the azure skies were enough to spruce up the elegance of benevolent nature despite the torching hydrogen star. We walked over dam, royal fishing camps, talked to locals and enjoyed with nature. The conglomeration of swaying palms, the calm river, the life-saving mangroves and azure sky is irresistible to landscape aficionado! That splendid tonal contrast between green vegetation and azure sky is enchanting to both eyes and camera! Apart from relishing the beauty of nature, we had productive talk as well. It is not full stop, rather semicolon for now! Thanks to immense support from g+ Landscape & Nature photography community as well :).

Stay tuned detailed write-ups of our experiences of that adorable day.

It's never a land, it's heaven!

On this occasion I am honored to present the mesmerizing work of Andy Blueman "Neverland". I could equate every note of this music with the  meandering river and adjoining landscapes

Neverland beats Blueman's own musical wonder "Serenity". Absolute exhilarating melody. I get entirely lost in the melody appreciating the brilliance of this legend.

The part from 3:10 to 4:30 is euphoric (best being 4:10 to 4:25) reaching towards neverland journey followed by that stupendous lead progression from 4:35 with deep synths at 4:50 & 5:18
Especially the melody from 4:10 to 4:25 conjures up feeling of paddling country boat along the gentle river streaming towards Arabian Sea. This aura is not hypothetical but authentic feeling :-).

Also don't miss the Energetic mix. The main melody is same but the lead progression and build up is entirely different. The lead progression as titled, is energetic with melodic reverberations.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

A Fortunate deviation

January 12, 2018

Thanks to overwhelming modernization, the weather system around the earth is ever dwindling. Consequently, winter is fast fading away in Bangalore despite the fact that we not even hit mid of January. Hitherto, we felt inconspicuous winter. From past 2 days, altocumulus clouds are rendering Bangalore weather slightly hot. Consequently, the ceiling fans are whirling with full speed even at nights. With this hypothesis, citizens are forecasting a harsh summer this year too.

Before the topic astray, let me correct the flow and come back to point. Today the soul while leaving office intuitively veered bike along detour to home. The nearest path is traffic prone and dug up roads aggravate bike journey. On the way, visuals of crepuscular rays through  broken clouds shimmering the Rachenahalli lake drew my attention. Immediately I parked bike nearby the gate and grabbed few shots in my mobile. Many of them turned out very well and I was exhilarated with the outcome. The fortunate deviation of route resulted in beautiful pictures and the mood remained high till I hit the bed. It is not that I take great picture but the display of nature made it wonderful than expected. The snapseed spruced up pictures further :-). Also the latest camera update for moto g4 plus has enhanced the picture quality and details.

The Rachenahalli lake view is not something new to me. But today was yet another special day glancing the nature's beauty on lake embankment. People have spotted snakes nearby the premises, so be wary of your ground while hunting for that unique perception :-)

Hope pictures entertain you as well!

All pictures are captured with moto g4 plus in HDR mode and edited in snapseed. Thank you for viewing :-)

Thursday, January 18, 2018


I had reprieve from work during the last week of year 2017. This was the period I was yearning for from long working hours. Eventually, I landed in my village once more for a long break. This time I did not plan any travel primarily because my tiny little stars were home. Other reason being not interested. My intention was solely to spend idle time at hometown and enjoy with family. Despite the initial tantrums, I was happily enjoying my stay with twin boys.
Surprisingly, its chilly out there at coast. This uncanny weather was bit icy (not so much as to wear winter cloth) to bear with mild cold winds. Fortunately, it lasted only for 3 days. The presence of paddy fields and forest cover makes our village a bit chillier than the town environment.

Back to title! It is difficult to find time when kids are around to photograph landscapes. Somehow, I managed to withstand afternoon sleep and walked around the house with camera while kids were in deep slumber. What enticed at first glance was the tall coconut trees pointing towards blue sky. The winter season has shifted Sun's trajectory towards south and northern part was devoid of any whitish light. It was crystal clear day and this setup provided perfect frame to snap the stunning tonal contrast of green and blue.The green palms with blue sky as backdrop drew my attention and culminated in palm watch shots! Hope you enjoy the pictures as well :-)

The scenery which I undermined from many years was finally charmed by the azure sky resulting in some wonderful shots!


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