Friday, August 31, 2012

Heavy Monsoon Rain [Yenchina Barsa Maarayre] [26-08-2012]

This was the scene on Saturday morning. The same sort of scene could be seen even during afternoon. There was no cloud build up at all till 4PM. It was hot and humid throughout the day and previous day too! [It was sweating like hell]. We had been to temple near Kundapur to attend a function. There was no sign of rain.

Around 4PM clouds started hovering around Udupi region and at about 6PM stage was set. It did not even start with drizzle. The rains started pouring with full intensity and it did not stop until next day 11AM. The scene was completely opposite to what was observed earlier. From 6:30AM to 9:30AM, it was like a cloudburst with fierceful rain. The speciality was just intense rain, no lightning, no thunder, no gusty wind!



Even though rains receded after 11AM, the floods did not until Monday morning. This was the high intensity rain of the season. Even the upper region like ours were under water for sometime. The stream was overflowing and entire village was under watery gravy.

We had to leave for one more temple on Sunday and here is the video taken during our travel. Watch the scenes of flooding and overflowing stream. There is no Met Observatory in Kaup. The nearest one is Udupi and Mulki which recorded 15 and 19 cms of rain respectively during the deluge day. Most probably Kaup would have recorded more than that.

The video!

Watch the video taken in Canon EOS-550D with 1080 progressive scan and 25fps frame rate. The pictures were taken with Canon SX210IS barring the first one. The video was composed and transformed to MP4 (H.264) format using KDENLIVE. This time I used video bitrate of 18Kbps while still maintaining 384kbps AAC audio

Clubbing all the Monsoon videos, I created small documentary on the Indian Monsoon [even though videos are only from my place :-)]. Nevertheless, you see the same scenes across west coast of India. The video is inspired from one of the videos in youtube (watch it here). Same music used too! Since the videos were shot in Canon SX210IS, there is no 1080p version. I used same encoding as before except for 720p 30fps and 12kbps video bitrate. Please watch and comment for improvements.

Music: Wonderful chillout music Lagoona mana by Christian Rusch

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kotilingeshwara temple near KGF

March 14, 2010 was Sunday.

I was planning for long time to visit kotilinga temple. This day I made up my mind to visit the deity at KGF. Since my house was near to Old Madras Road, I started to wait for a bus towards KGF. However I could not get even a single one. I had to reach Majestic to catch a bus. Since it was express, it will not stop even in my place. I caught up with a passenger who was also travelling to Kotilinga. The co-passenger had to get down at Kolar due to some reasons. As soon bus reached Kolar bypass, the beautiful stone hills attracted me. I did hear that there are so many beautiful spots here.

I reached KGF around 11:30AM. Apparently it is under-developed town. There are no proper facilities. The MPP of this region is Railway Minister of state also. Bus stand looks to be garbage dump. But the irony was it was gold field some time back. People are really good. One person told me that buses towards vellore, gudiyattam, v.kote go via Kammasandra where temple is located. I caught up a private bus for Rs.5 and got down at Kammasandra. A boy was also travelling to the same place and he guided me to the stop. Apart from temple it is just like an under developed indian village :(.

Temple has wide area. Not many people were seen at that day. Apart from that I was getting too hungry. What a co-incidence. Free meals are served every day here. I enjoyed anna saaru and mosaranna. The food was very good and tasty. I donated some amount for annadaana too. Free meals are served from 12:30PM to 2:00PM. The entrance fee to temple is Rs.5 while Rs.100 for camera. I paid the money since this was first time I was visiting. Temple is covered with bountiful of shivalingas. You are tempted to take more and more snaps. Inside the temple you find many other temples too! The main deity is Manjunatha Swamy. Apart from that, one can find Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara temple, Venkatesha temple, Annapoorneshwari temple, Santoshi Maata temple. In between one can also spot Ganapthy idols too. Temple has around 82lakhs shivalingas. The target is to reach 1-crore as per the boards. You can install shiva lingas too! One needs to contact temple administration regarding this. Moving forward, the huge shivalinga with Nandi facing is very attractive. People who do not carry camera have to pay Rs.40 to take photo beside huge Shivalinga. Exclusive camera persons are present to take photos and print them.

I took around 150 photos to compensate the camera fee :). Later I travelled back towards Bangalore. Despite of huge number buses, the roads are completely pot-holed. I took government bus towards KGF which costed Rs.7. That is the reason private buses were crowded. I took express bus from KGF to bangalore. It started around 4:15PM. The tiredness made me to sleep till Hosakote. I reached home around 6:30PM.

See my blog on Kolar


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