Monday, December 3, 2012

A year of youtube activity

It has been one year since I have started uploading videos onto YouTube (Even though I joined around 5 years ago). Since then I have uploaded around 33 videos and more to come. Initial days I did not knew about video editing and HD. That is the reason initial videos have no wide screen capture [even if my camera supports it :-)]. Once I could realize this, it has been all HD widescreen except for few old videos. Since I started uploading, the channel has seen considerable views but not much. In-spite of less views, I will continue uploading many videos. All videos are captured by me with no duplicates and wherever required suitable credit has been given to the audio used.

All of my videos (barring initial 4) are created using KDENLIVE, free open source non linear Video Editor. It has got great capabilities and my experience so far has been excellent. I have not yet enabled Adsense in YouTube. I will definitely donate  to the open source project if I enable AdSense and earn some money :-).

On this day, I am sharing 1080p video of my hometown kaup beach. This time there are clips with view from atop of light house. It is breath taking view from the top. The clips were shot with Canon EOS 550D with 18-55mm kit lens. I used 1080p, 25fps PAL encoding. The video was composed with 1080p, 25fps and h.264 encoding. Watch and enjoy. Please share if it is worth :-)


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