Thursday, December 22, 2011

Driving along SH-88 (Mani-Mysore State Highway)

In continuation of my travel video from Udupi to Bangalore, this is second video of return journey. We took rest in Mysore for two days and returned to Udupi via Madikeri along SH-88 on 26-Nov-2011. The road from Mysore to Madikeri is awesome while it is awful from Sampaje to Mani :-). We were really disgusted to drive in this section. The Sampaje ghat road is completely relayed for about 20kms [quality seemed to have compromised though :-( ] and around 10kms of relaying is still under progress. Father was bit tired and hence I drove for most of the distance. Consequently there are no videos after Sampaje. It was unusual weather though during this time of year with too many clouds covering the sky. It was too cold till Sampaje and the sun was rare sight. The environment turned tropical after Sampaje [sudden change :-)]. It became too warm as we neared Mangalore but pleasant. I did not find any good music than Ulrich Schnauss "A Million Miles Away" and I have used it again for this video also. Hope you will enjoy this video even.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mysore Rail Museum

People find Mysore as good hangout place during weekends. The most often visited are ZOO, Chamundi Hills, Palace, KRS etc.. However most of the visitors do not know about RAIL MUSEUM situated near Mysore Railway Station. Please visit this place also; It hardly takes an hour to watch.

There are lot of things you can find here. The legacy trains includes steam, coal engines and various equipments used for overhaul. Also you can step into those trains and have a feel of driver's cabin and ancient looks within. There is also a toy train for people to enjoy which is taken for 2 rounds. For children, there a small playground where they can rejoice for some time. There is a gallery which depicts the old events of indian railways. All of that being displayed have clear description nearby them. You can also have watch to the Maharani rail which was considered to be posh train in those days. This train was specifically meant for Maharani of Mysore. The Maharaja train is in Delhi museum as per placard.

The fares are very minimum.

The entrance fee is
Adults: Rs. 5
Children (above 5): Rs. 2

The fee is separate for toy train
Adults: Rs. 5
Children (above 5): Rs. 2

The videos and photos also come at minimum cost
Still Camera: Rs. 10
Video Camera: Rs. 20

The MUSEUM is open all days from 9:30 A.M till 6:00 P.M without any breaks.

I hope you will enjoy the place. Here are some photos. Only few of photos have captions :-)






Watch small video of Toy Train ride!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My first youtube video upload

This is my first youtube video upload. We traveled on 20th November 2011 to Bangalore from Udupi along NH-75 (previously NH-48). This is fifth time we are driving in this section. The video is composition of the travel we had in our Maruti-ALTO. Myself and father shared the drive. Apart from 25kms of dreadful ghat section route, remaining part of the highway was smooth enough for driving. My favorite route is driving from Mangalore till Sakaleshpur which covers hilly, curvy and ghat roads with lot of ups and downs involving many bridges and rivers. Of-course we took 2 hours to cross Shiraadi ghat section. Driving from Kunigal till Bangalore along newly layed four lane highway is mind blowing. I picked Ulrich Schnauss "A Million Miles Away" tune for the video. It is very good travel music and I like it very much. The way Ulrich Schnauss composes such tunes is mesmerizing. On return we traveled via Sampaje ghat along SH-88 via Madikeri. The second video needs time for composition :). Hope you will enjoy the video.


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