Monday, February 14, 2011

Love with shiraadi ghat.

Somebody said that today is lover's day. So SMS will be costing more. I had to return from my native to bangalore. So quickly caught 8 o clock airavat from Mangalore. After having small nap, the bus had entered shiraadi ghat. People notice only the parched section of NH-48. Of course it is the worst. There are however many things to love here. The natural beauty of the ghat is amazing. The mountains, greenery also flowing gundya river is mind blowing to watch. The bus was moving bit fast in pot-holed roads. They are not pot-holes but wells. I do not know when this section gets fully concreted. From Mangalore to Gundya forest gate, the roads are being re-layed while the same case from Sakleshpur-nelamangala section. Ofcourse Nelamangala-devihalli section is almost done with four laning while devihalli-hassan section, the work of marking and levelling land has started. Also four-laning of kundapur-suratkal section of NH-17 is in full zoom and many of the bridges have seen the initial foundation which is good news!! Nelamangala-devihalli section of NH-48 is almost four laned and it is executed beautifully. However some major works of Kunigal bypass and one underpass is till under progress. Last but not the least, Jalahalli cross elevated highway construction is awesome



Scene Near Sakaleshpur

NH-48 four laning from Nelamangala-Devihalli junction

Jalahalli-Cross Elevated highway

Coming back, I had bad day in office on friday which shattered my mood. However the lovely shiraadi ghat section brought that mood back. It is difficult to imagine how amazing the nature design is. It is far more complex than the usual C/C++ programming we do. Near Sakleshpur I came across humorous scene where in four she-buffaloes and cows were grabbing and eating the haystack from the parked tractor while owner of tractor chasing them. They were so much adamant that our bus stopped there for few seconds due to the block created by them :).

Finally some pictures of ghat section. These were caught while traveling inside bus so clarity wise it may not be good.


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