Sunday, May 6, 2012

Boat ride along Ulsoor Lake

It has been years since I came down to bangalore. I have been looking at Ulsoor lake for quite some time. Even though I made up my mind to visit the place many times, I could not due to various reasons [most of them invalid of-course :-)]. Finally I stepped into the lake side on a fine summer clear saturday 05 May 2012. The lake view is good but lake is not quite clean. Leave that apart. I took some snaps and a boat ride. The boat ride was quite nice and costs Rs.25 per head. There is no fee for either camera or entrance. Lots of people took the ride on the day since it was weekend. The boat was pretty much old but in good condition. Here is the video I took during boat ride. No music this time. The video is focused on lake and lake view rather than at passengers on board and boat itself. Hope you will enjoy the video.

As always the video was composed using KDENLIVE. The video is also available in HD quality. The encoder is H.264 with 12k bitrate and 384kbps audio bitrate (AAC).

The boat ride is available from 10AM to 6PM.

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