Thursday, November 29, 2012

Severe traffic jam at shiraadi ghat near Sakaleshpur

This was taken during wee hours of Saturday morning 24-Nov-2012. Something familiar from past many years. Only difference was that I captured it for first time in camera. A truck accident took toll on the travelers on this way as the traffic remained stagnant for more than 3 hours. Even though huge trucks are not allowed during night, some sneak in after having understanding with security personnel and create such kind of havoc. It is difficult to clear the jam in such terrains and there are no emergency team here as of now. Even mobile network is inaccessible which creates more problem. Fortunately the incident happened somewhat near to Sakaleshpur so the traffic people could clear things at the earliest. It has been almost 5 years since the government officials kept on saying about concretion of shiraadi ghat road. However no progress has been made so far and not sure it will make any. It is believed that local contractors are major hurdle for improving the ghat road since it may block their maintenance money flow.

Unfortunately I did not see the news in newspapers at-least I see :(. The media which craves in to get garbage news out of mangalore never bothers to report such incidents. This would at-least help many people who suffer in such traffic jams. As somebody said world is full of contradictions :(.

The video was taken with canonSX210IS and edited using KDENLIVE under linux. Since it was dark, the video has come out bit noisier. Watch the short video. I create videos not only to show something but also to test my skills. Leave a comment if you have any improvement points.

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