Saturday, March 23, 2013

My first RTI and story

It has been around 1.5 years since I shifted my organization. The main burden is to get PF transferred. The people in new organization do provide PF transfer application which we can fill and they submit to Central PF organization. In our organization, the PF is maintained by trust and hence we could track our PF status every month.

It would generally take around 6 months to transfer PF from previous to current account [which may include initiation my current organization + previous organization + actual PF office work]. Mine was not transferred even after 8 months. Some people had got it transferred in 2-3 months time. I got frustrated very much.  Inevitably, I had to track down on the status. I consulted the trust guys and they communicated that it has been already sent to my previous organization for transfer. I confirmed from my previous organization too! A grievance was raised with PF office too but no luck. The status was not updated for many months. My previous account status was showing that the account had been cleared and cheque has been drafted to deposit to new account. I am not sure where did that cheque travel to or was it a dummy entry altogether. Even trust was helpless since PF office will not entertain mangling with personal account. Finally I had no choice other than applying RTI. I looked around Internet for the help. After many searches I came across beautiful article in Jaago Investor on applying RTI for PF.

After following the procedure mentioned in the article, it was time to post it to PF office. A week after, I received acknowledgement for the reception too! After a month of wait, I finally received reply to my grievance that PF amount has been settled and transferred to new account. It takes one or two months for the actual deposit. For most people it may not be so much cumbersome, however my bad luck had turned things really bad. It took almost 1.5 years to settle it down. If I had not applied RTI, things would have not moved at all. Yes, it is duty of office to do it, however things are never reliable. Finally I am happy that PF is transferred to my new account, however not sure if they have included the interest for delay in transfer (I have not received PF slips for many years).

I once again thank Jago Investor article for help:

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