Sunday, February 16, 2014

Flying over bridge, cruising through tunnels: Sharavathi River Basin, Honavar, A splendid experience!

Konkan rail train journey one of beautiful train journeys to cherish in India. The mesmerizing landscape from Mangalore to Roha is just heaven to watch during monsoon season. The lush green paddy fields, the rivulets fancied by bent coconut trees, the distant western ghats, the breath taking tunnels and bridges transports you to into an exotic location. During my recent train journey from Udupi to Kumta, I shot those landscapes and safe in my camera ;-). The location which always excited me everytime along this route is the longest bridge constructed across mighty Sharavati river near Honavar along Konkan railway route. It has been one of my gretest desire too from many years to visit this place again. Here how it goes!

I was on my toes as train reached Murudeshwara station. The two dimensional view from distance rendered the Shiva statue and pinnacle adjacent to each other stamped to the sky. The train started chugging towards Manki station. Few minutes later we were in Manki. My excitement peaked as train departed from Manki station. The heart palpitated as the train pierced through Manki tunnel and was eagerly waiting for that moment to arrive. Few more minutes hear I see the Sharavathi river bridge  signboard and there she goes :-). The train rattled along this mighty bridge with high speed. The landscape is simply amazing sight to watch. One of the hot-spots along the Konkan  railway route which one should never miss during the itinerary.

I do want to visit during monsoon even! The river which has small width near Jog falls, widens to more broader landscape near Honavar adorns the region with intriguing nature. I did shoot the train journey video along this magnificent region during my itinerary. During my journey towards Kumta, I shot along the west side since the  shooting straight to sun spoils the footage. At this time of day, the west part had beautiful soft light of Sun which exposed the region with perfect colors. Similarly during my return journey, I shot from east side since it was evening. Again the same effect as described earlier. Had it been golden hour, I would have shot towards the Sun, to capture those beautiful golden sun sparkling the river. Enjoy the train journey along beautiful Sharavathi river basin. Dive into darkness with speeding loco passing through two tunnels further onwards. Also the video has footages from return journey too! So, do not miss to watch entire video ;-).

The majority of audio has noise of breeze but landscape has turned out to be pretty well in full HD ;-). Audio is corrected but still not so tidy. May be I should have sat on foot-board to grab better audio.

Whenever I find time, will try to compose entire train journey video. Stay tuned!

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