Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dr. Srivatsa Menon concert

03 Jan 2014,

After a day long stay in Yana, it is time to immerse myself in musical world. It has been long time since I attended carnatic concert. This was organized on eve of Sode Paryaya completion at Sri Krishna Math, Udupi. It was worth attending too! Sri Menon with his clear saahithya, bhakti and melodious tone, mesmerized the audience. It was equally supported by the accompanies providing full honesty to the concert.

Violin: Sri Ajitkumar
Mridangam: Sri Arun
Ghatam: Sri Krishnakumar

Here are some of the krithis sung during concert

The tuple represents Krithi-Raaga-Composer
  1. Sarasuda (Varna) - Saaveri - Patnam Subramanya iyer
  2. Rakshamam - GambheeraNattai - Swati Tirunal Maharaja
  3. Saadinchene - Aarabhi - Tyagaraja (small neraval and swara prastaara)
  4. Sangeetha Jnanamu - Dhanyaasi - Tyagaraja
  5. Jnanamosagaraada - PoorviKalyani - Tyagaraja
  6. Balagopala - Bhairavi - Mutthuswamy Deekshitar. (One of my favorites. Sung with enoromous devotion and bhaava. Made full honesty to Bhairavi). This was followed by dexterous tani avartanam which vibrated the soul of audience
  7. Venkataachala Nilayam - Sindhubhairavi - Purandaradaasa
  8. Jagadodharana - Kaapi (Hindustaani Kaapi?) - Purandaradaasa. Simply marvelous rendering :-).
  9. Mangalam - Sourashtra+Madhyamaaavati - Tyagaraja
Last Note: Usually artists object the presence of big cameras. Hence I did not dare to open my DSLR :). Took the picture with normal phone.

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