Monday, July 20, 2015

Life is a bicycle ride :-)

An adrenaline of thoughts whoosh in my mind as I keep staring at bicycle. Now, its time to scratch some bits after riding bicycle with gap of 6 years. It was hot and humid Saturday morning in my village and sweating vigorously at 7AM. Myself and nephew had sweat bath for more than hour cycling and jogging.

What's that above graphics depict? It's a simple image of our cycling track :D. Basically none of the related subjects are shown especially paddy fields, coconut trees and sun! It's upto you to draw and paint as you wish ;-) since my grade was always low in any drawing exam :-(. That is not the aim here but to express some of experiences from my bicycle ride and relate with life. The graphics is retained simple to avoid complications ;-)

One can easily guess that paths a->b, b->c, d->c are relatively simpler. You only need proper breaks :D to control yourself! Note, the arrows represent vectors and not scalars, which means they represent path with direction ;-) [some physics show-off :D]. On the contrary, the paths b->a, c->d are as difficult as previous easy ones which means dead opposite ;-). Even our life is like peddling cycle :-). How?

i) It is easy when is everything seems fine which means even without effort you can easily cycle down. Everything seems to be in your way and in your control. There is no need to worry. However if you free yourself without break, then you are foreseeing a trouble ;-). Controlling oneself is as important in life when everything works as you say. That means, one should not get into their head once success arrives ;-). Does this seems logical?

ii) Similarly the path a->b or d->c can be crossed with minimal effort but note that it requires consistent effort. Still cannot be termed as difficult. Even when life seems normal, you cannot maintain unless you exert some effort.

iii) Now comes the arduous part. To cross vectors b->a, c->d, you have to pull yourself up with great strength to ride cycle to culmination! Similarly in life you need energy, persistence and spirited mentality to reach to the top during inclement periods.

Note that entire road was paved well and even uphilling was smooth even though not easy. However, the track may be full of stones and thorns. It may be narrow trail too! The cycle may get punctured too :D. In that case you may even need to push cycle without peddling. Yes it will be slow but you will reach the target if you possess dedication.

You have choice to only to downhill and later halt in middle without further progression. If you wish to make it to either of tops, hardwork is inevitable. Staying stagnant at the middle of track may not be since everyone is moving ahead. That may be compelling to you to move further ahead. Someone may chase you away from the current position :-) or there may be traffic jam because you stood still!

In the straight path, you have an option to peddle faster or slower or at normal speeds. It means you may choose to keep up momentum of success or slow down for a while or continue at normal pace. Ultimately the situation reaps based on your efforts. If the momentum is fast uphilling is cakewalk or if it is normal it will be bit extra effort but manageable. However if it is slow, it is very tough to reach to the top.

We as humans tend to fall in comfort zone when things seems to be normal. Ultimately the tough days will arrive and if did not possess momentum we may face tough consequences. While peddling down, you have to control gravity while upwards you need to defy gravity. You don’t need any help while downhilling while you may seek help while uphilling or there may not be help at all.

There are choices while uphilling

i) If you have prior momentum, its easy to uphill

ii) If you do not possess them, it may be difficult. You can either retreat or start over repeatedly. Remember, if you retreat you can never climb up and starting over will not yield immediate result. Only persistence is the key to reach top.

As mentioned earlier, the road may not be smooth. It may be full of traffic heck, distractors, detractors etc.. etc.. There will be assisters too however majority of the occasion it never happens :-). Eventually its upto your discretion to choose to be in the right co-ordinates as life moves on. If you are stuck between b & c it is still OK! only thing is you will be branded super mediocre :P, but you can never maintain that inertia since external forces constantly act on your life's surface (peer pressure, blatant comparisons .. I know you got them :P) But bear in mind, if you wish to reach top at some point of time, you have to exercise extra effort to compensate idleness during prolonged stay. There will be lot of people to pull you down, de-motivators, mockers during the tough part of journey. If you are lucky you may find good people to cut through the difficulties and climb up. Never ever forget those people for lifetime. They are the true people in your life.

It's sweating all through my body while I pin the words to digital surface. The summer of 90% humidity in coastal karnataka is unbearable to many. Remember, without humidity there is no monsoon. Humidity draws clouds from ocean. The toughness in atmosphere brings cool rain to landmass. Nothing is cakewalk!

Bored of fable :-) Well this one I wrote for myself and I don't claim this to be universal rule. There may be lot of wicked thoughts arising out of such fables but who cares! I write it to educate myself and not to pacify anyone. I can only hope to find few people who agree with such observations. There may be lot of caveats too! But I have noted only few important ones. I don’t strive to be perfect and nobody is perfect. Perfectionism kills your inner happiness and is major road-blocker for success.

The cycle is parked in premise and giggling at me gently :-). It may also be cursing for lowering wheel air pressure due to extra weight :D. Just tuned to New World's amazing creativity in music "Outreach". He worked more than 8 years to attain musical mastery. Do not presume that it was overnight success. Only difference is his passion got triggered far early. It's only his persistence and hardwork which has elevated him to such and extent in musical world!

Signing off, I want to reiterate that neither I am life guru nor my scribbles are ultimate mantra of life :D. It may even appear fluffy ;). Eventually, I educate by reminding myself of reality when stuck in middle of burning volcano ;-).

It has been long time since I wrote last blog. Hopefully I will start gaining frequency again since there is lot happening around :P. Bye for now.....

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