Monday, January 30, 2012

Bangalore to Kaup drive

This was the time when we shifted back to Kaup from Bangalore prior to my father's retirement. The videos are pretty much old, however composed now. The clarity is not so good since most of them were shot inside the car. The video is maintained for memory. We started at around 11:00 AM from Bangalore and reached Kaup only by 11:00PM at night. We had to start late since we had to fit carrier for our car to accommodate excess baggage. We spent around 2hrs in bangalore city due to traffic mess. It was around 1:00 PM we reached Yeshwantpur. From then we took only 10hrs to Kaup inspite of taking 30minutes break for dinner at Uppinangady and deadly stretch of Shiraadi ghat. At that time, Shiraadi ghat road was tortured so much that we could hardly notice bitumen on the stretch. Adding to that, our car headlight lacked distance and hence we had to drive carefully. It always happens that the stretch between Ballupet and Gundya gets destroyed during every monsoon and repaired only by march. This is the story every year and no permanent solution is on the cards. Bangalore-Mangalore section is one of the beautiful tracks to drive due to the fact it covers plains, malnad, ghat and coastal areas. If the shiraadi ghat section is well maintained, this stretch is heaven for enthusiastic drivers.

The video is composed using KDENLIVE under UBUNTU. Help and support free software. The video is dedicated to free and open source community as well as people who love to drive along MLORE-BLORE stretch.

Hope you will enjoy

MUSIC: "Monday Paracetamol" by Ulrich Schnauss

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