Friday, January 20, 2012

First time travel in Shatabdi Express

This was the first time I traveled in Shatabdi express. I believe it is the fastest train in India (citation needed). The shatabdi was bound to MAS (Chennai) from MYS (Mysore). I had to travel till SBC (Bangalore). The train usually leaves at 2:20 from MYS and reaches SBC by 4:20. This was accurate the day I traveled. There are no crossings or halts in between for the train. The next stop for train is SBC itself :-). The interiors are good with push back seats. The sitting area is wider and is comfortable. There are also eating tables attached to seats. The train men serve mineral water and some snacks. These snacks are not enough at all [for people like me :-)]. Unfortunately even outside vendors are not allowed. You may have to carry extra food with you. If you are commuting in this route by VOLVO, you can even try Shatabdi since fares are almost near (Of-course Shatabdi has more however comfortable and no traffic heck).

Horrible part was some children pelting strong stones at the window of train near Kengeri. Some windows developed cracks because of this and there were marks of the past incidents too. I do not understand why people want to harm public property. Summing up, the journey was really enjoying and pleasant.

Here is a small video of the journey.

Shatabdi (means centenary in Sanskrit) trains travel at speed of 100kmph and some trains powered by WAP-5 engines even touch 160kmph. Wikipedia page has more details on Shatabdi trains.

MUSIC: Ulrich Schnauss "Monday Paracetamol"
Hope you will enjoy the video.

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