Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wood Pecker drilling Tamarind tree

This was on someday at my hometown KAUP, we heard drilling sound. The sound was so powerful that we could hear it for many distance. I went curious about the sound. I thought that may be some house work was going on. However, the sound continued for long time past 6PM. Nobody works at that time.

My mother gave a clue that it might be wood pecker somewhere atop the tree drilling. Then I walked towards the tamarind tree nearby house where amplitude of sound was high. Aha! It was Mr.Wood Pecker which was making such huge sound. The quality of video is not so good but sound is really significant. It continued to make sound for many hours before resting for the day but I took only a minute of video. Amazed about its beak strength. Of-course it's standing position was just like a highly disciplined soldier.

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