Tuesday, June 12, 2012


One more drive! This time its through jungles from Kukke to Dharmastala spanning for 52kms. The speciality is dense jungles and many streams in between. The drive from Kukke to Gundya forest gate is fantastic and has lot of curves. From Gundya forest gate till the 'Dharmastala deviation' is NH-75 which runs from Bangalore to Mangalore. From the deviation till Dharmastala is of semi-ghat type with some steep curves and narrow roads. Through out the journey there are lots of blind spots which one has to be careful about. Watch out for nasty vehicles overtaking at the curves. Since it was bharath bundh, the road was almost clear. However there were some tourist vehicles plying along the way. The places are not densely populated and hence no mob created trouble. However small group of people questioned us in gundya forest gate (which is the best place to catch hold of people since it is busy junction). We told them that our visit pre-planned and God will curse us if we do not do so. Those people let us go after brief discourse. I was about to take up state tax which was high in country but did not dare fearing retaliation in terms of violence [may burn our car :-)]. One of the person warned us that people will pelt stones en-route but nothing such happened.

It is wonderful to drive along such routes especially I love to drive under such conditions [provided roads are good :-)]. Towards Dharmastala roads are only patched but not relayed. So the roads are uneven. The patches may turn into pot-holes during monsoon. There are small pot-holes too. Watch out for them. They can create problems in narrow road.

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