Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time Lapse Video - 3 [Clock]

The third time lapse video. This time it is the moving clock. Initially I captured in auto mode. However pictures turned out with varying exposures. Also some images had flash due to low light. By that time even battery had drained off. After battery was fully recharged, I tried with Manual aperture mode by setting F3.1 and slightly over exposed to +1/3. This gave camera shutter speed of 1/4s. Since the camera and clock were steady, this shutter speed did not cause many problems. Also due to low light camera had to expose for long time so might have chosen less shutter. The canon sx 210 IS does not come with full manual mode. At-least one of them is chosen by camera (shutter speed, exposure value or aperture).

So here is the video. Watch and enjoy. Share if you like and comment if you have suggestion.

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