Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Peacocks in my village

Finally I made first real use of new Tamaron 70-300mm VC USD lens. This time it helped to videograph peacock which came to our plantation. They run away if you go close to them. Hence tele lens is must. Peacocks are usual in our place only difference is I shot video of them for first time ;-). Last time they had entered our balcony and came so close but I did not have camera at that time. This time it is time to grab some. Usually villagers do not entertain peacocks since they spoil crops and plants. Even my mother got furious when one of male peacock was pulling leaf from green chilly plant :=D. Irony is that their habitat is being destroyed by human beings and they do not have anything called habitat. They are not actual culprit too! After sometime, they flew away seeing me coming closer. Anyhow watch and enjoy the short video. Subscribe to my channel for more interesting Full HD videos :-).

The video is edited and re-encoded to MP4(H.264) using KDENLIVE under Linux Mint 14 with 1080p, 25fps, 18000kbps video bitrate and 384kbps AAC audio. This time I used 2 pass encoding

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