Monday, December 23, 2013

CPL filters

I have been flaunting a lot about CPL filters in my previous write-up but barely with any examples. I did only demonstrate, how haze was nullified as well as how cleaner the sky looks. Somebody asked me if I can really show an example where applicability of CPL filter could be understood. Consequently, here are two pictures of lotus pond shot without and with CPL filter. Basically both of them were shot with CPL filter on the lens ring. Only difference was the first one was shot at a position where CPL had no effect while the latter was shot twiddling the CPL ring to get rid of reflections. Note how clear are details of foliage with CPL filter especially color saturation.  Also shimmering pond is eliminated too! The shots were taken at an angle to Sun's axis (not exactly 90 degrees). Note that if you shoot straight into Sun or exactly 180 degrees along axis of Sun, the photo will give undesirable look than without having CPL filter. The phenomenon can be even corrected with softwares however they may degrade the quality of image by infusing noises.


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