Monday, January 6, 2014

The Driver's Cabin - A Nostalgia

This picture was shot during bus journey from Sangama to Mekedaatu. The bus had Udupi registration. Must have been bought from one of transport providers of Udupi. The same dilapidated bus :-) with no rails along window. It has the old TATA 1510 chassis. The cockpit looked flabby :D with minimal parts in working condition (especially the basic elements ;-)]. Not sure if it really requires head lamp :-). The maximum gear transmission it would have seen may be upto 3! It requires quite good experience for shifting such gears ;-).


This picture was intentionally shot. I took front seat to ruminate old memories! It reminded me of those nostalgic moments during my childhood days. During childhood days, I used occupy the front long seat near to engine. This was mainly to enjoy the honk, steering, gear shifts and engine progression (especially while shifting gears) :D. Alongside, during monsoon season, I used to get excited watching the water channel created by sweeping wiper :-). People say happiness arises when you bring out the child within. Those were the days, despite charade of people, we used to enjoy such small things. Never used to care what others think unless it was offensive. Those days we never used to crib about what we did not have. Despite the tough village environment, inclement weather during monsoon, we enjoyed every moment. Never we had the privilege of city counterparts but always enjoyed life with minute elements.

Really miss those wonderful days :-(. Nevertheless, whenever I get an opportunity, I do grab the front seat in an non-windowed bus in my village and cherish those past moments again :-)

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