Monday, January 13, 2014

Last Sunset of 2013

These were Sunset shots snapped during our descent of Kuduremukh western ghats on last day of English Year. Do not mis-interpret it as last sunset on earth. If that was case, I would not been able to write this post anyways ;-). As our car was coasting down the ghats, this show off by nature caught my eyes. How can I miss such a mastery art of nature ;-). I got down from car to the creepy jungle and took some shots. To compose good shots, I did under-expose way down to  -3EV. That created beautiful silhoutte with bright Sun in background. I also took few deep breaths in middle of dense jungle and relished those pure air. That was really rejuvenating. It is soothing experiencing to breath air from western ghats. Whenever I visit western ghats, I drink those pure water from streams and take deep breaths in the serene environment. The intimidating sound out of jungle made me immediately hop into car and resume journey :D. Also there are myriad of monkeys  to disturb your peace :D. Hope you enjoy the Sunset pictures taken on last day of English year.

Speaking of Last Sunset, do hear beautiful music by Simon O Shine "Last Sunset". An intelligent young musician from Poland who is master in uplifting orchestral music. I admire him for his great work "Your Distant World" which was quite popular when it was released.

Simon O Shine "Last Sunset":

Last Note:

There is some hidden information without which we could not have seen such beautiful sunset. The car tyre got punctured near Kuduremukh :D. The horrendous road from kuduremukh to Horanaadu, ripped off the tyre's skin causing the puncture. We realized it after traveling for few kms (which is typical feature of tubeless tyres).  Fortunately it was in middle of grassland not the forests. We were unaware as how to replace the tyre but my father read manual carefully with which we could replace tyre in 30 minutes. Even though my contribution was less as compared to father and uncle, I learned to replace the tyre with jack and spanner :-). This delay enabled us  to enjoy the beautiful Sunset along kuduremukh western ghats. I was really happy to learn replace the tyre as well enjoy beautiful sunset :-).

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