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The Rainforest and roadside Kadambi waterfall

These were the pictures shot during our ascension of Kuduremukh ghats towards Horanadu  Annapoorneshwari temple. The beautiful roadside waterfall is named as Kadambi (not sure what does it mean)  As you see, the waterfall is not at its best as compared to peak monsoon season  still has considerable flow to rejoice :-). The kuduremukh ghat mainly consists of shola grasslands along crest while thick rainforest along coastal line.  The  forests are very very thick with high woods from the forest gate near Karkala till Hanumangundi falls.  Despite being daytime during our ascension, we felt like evening :D. You will not dare to park  vehicle for longer time in this creepy environment :D. These forests are recognized as world heritage site by UNESCO due to presence of vast  bio-diversity and fragile ecosystem. I even noticed Kuduremukh  peak from Kalasa road (the face of horse) but did not grab any pictures  due to lack of time. Here are some picture. Apart from pictures of old trees enjoy some pictures of our ancestors too :D. They were many in numbers all through kuduremukh ghats pulling out food from resting travelers. They even grabbed our apple too :-).






From childhood, my interest was for geography and mathematics. However, my country does  not provide congenial environment to excel in such areas. In geography, my main interest was on tropical rain forests particularly amazon rain forests. Even now, I pursue such  areas as hobby which keeps me always curious. My biggest dream is to visit amazon rain forests if possible :D (distant dream!). It is believed that amazon rainforests produce nearly 20% of earth's oxygen. As of now I enjoy  India's rain forests which are our pride, the western ghats :-). I love western ghats mainly because of such waterfalls and dense forests.  Their energetic plunge, pristine water provides mesmerizing experience.  Some of the waterfalls cannot be reached during monsoon (like Arishinagundi waterfalls and Burude waterfalls)  can be targeted immediately during post monsoon season. Hope you enjoy the pictures and  small video of Kadambi waterfall. Since the spot is mere 70kms from my village,  I hope to grab some energetic plunge during peak monsoon season.

Apart from Kuduremukh, enjoy some pictures of rainforests nearby Yana located in Kumta Taluk of UttaraKannada district. One of  the exotic places in UttaraKannada district with surreal rocky landscapes and rain forests. Also the region is home to King Cobras too :-)



The trees in rainforest have stood for many years despite the inclement weather. Whatever may be the scientific reason behind it, I derive inspiration from those tall trees to stand tall during complexities. It is not guaranteed for how many years the trees will remain tall before falling captive to human greed. People need to self educate to understand the importance of western ghats and how they influence the monsoon patterns.

Speaking of Rainforest, hear beautiful unfinished music "Rainforest" by Andy Blueman. Ever wondered a trance music with bass can imitate a peaceful rainforest? Thats beauty of Andy Blueman music. He has blended soft bass along with rainforest surrounding into the music so brilliantly that one does feel being inside a rainforest. Imagine the flow of thunderous waterfall and galloping water stream when you hear soft bass. I have great respect for this music and have some thoughts racing in my mind.  One day, I will try to compile a small video dedicated to this music.

Keep staring at the picture while you hear music and feel the ambiance of rainforest. Andy has mentioned that he would be finishing the unfinished tracks of 2008-2010 which includes the "Rainforest" too! Hence expect the full version of song in early future :-)

Andy Blueman - Rainforest(Energetic Mix):

Also do not miss some of exciting documentaries on rainforests given below.
I have noted some of the excerpts which will tickle your soul and body :-).

"There is no place like this on earth

The turtles strike like snakes

Adaptation is key to survival

One of the greatest natural habitat on earth

It's home to greatest diversity of living thing anywhere and dozens still discovered every year

Crisp clear waters make their way through rainforest filling it with life. They also create a magnificent spectacle

Tiny streams weave together to form the grandest of waterfalls that roar like thunder

Waterfalls plunge hundreds of feet into pools below

Huge trees stand like monuments amidst symphony of life

Shrouded in a translucent vale, millions of living organisms compete for light beneath the canopy

Layer upon layer life here exists in harmony

Trees in rainforests have been known to live for 350years and grow to nearly 200feet tall.

Here we can discover the world 100 million years old.

Mother nature at her very best"

1) RainForest: Beneath the canopy Part 01:
2) RainForest: Beneath the canopy Part 02:
3) RainForest: Beneath the canopy Part 03:
4) The Amazon rainforests:
5) A tour of Amazon Rainforest:
6) What is rainforest:

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