Saturday, March 22, 2014


Early morning around 5:30AM, we woke up to a snippy weather at Kodachadri with stormy breeze challenging the mighty hillocks and tall trees with powerful gusts. We refreshed ourselves and ready to start to Sunrise point which requires a hike of 800m along narrow ridge. Since the SUN was not yet out, we had to bank upon torch light to follow the trail properly. Half way along the hike, the trail gets very narrow and gusty winds tend to push us down to the valley. After cautiously passing along this path, we reached the Sunrise point. The powerful wind was pushing us very hard and cold weather requires everyone to cover body with winter wear.

The time was 6:50AM. We were foreseeing a dazzling sunrise in few moments shimmering the beautiful Sharavati river back waters. I had kept camera for sunrise timelapse and turned out be nice too ;-). Few minutes later, there goes the initial appearance of shy Sun piercing through clouds at the distant horizon sparkling the Sharavati river backwaters with orange spectacle. We cheered with enthusiasm and welcomed the Sun of the day :-). Of-course, the red carpet for the Sun's arrival was laid by Sun itself ;-). After few more minutes, the Sun was completely "Arisen" and it was time to take the picture of blazing Sun of golden hour! Here is the picture of "Arisen" Sun. Later on we stayed for some more time to garner Vitamin D.

Not to miss our lovely guide to Sunrise view point :D. He was little bit ahead of us and followed the trail providing us direction. Whenever we stopped to rest, he also rested and as we moved on, he was guiding us :-). For some more time, he enjoyed the Vitamin D before reaching base camp!


Do here magnificent music "Arisen" by British musician Laurence Rapaccioli codenamed Arksun on this occasion flavored with wonderful breakdown!

Arksun - Arisen (Original mix):

If you wish to hear only breakdown, hear it here:

Also do not miss the beautiful chilldown remix of Magdelyana of the same

Arksun - Arisen (magdelyana Chill mix):

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