Friday, April 4, 2014

Skywatch Friday: Into the Sky

Never knew there was a place to share common theme in a blogpost. Recently I stumbled upon this site which lets you to add your blog post pertaining to a theme each day. For Friday, it is Skywatch :-).

Skywatch should have blog post with a photograph inclusive of sky. For this theme for this Friday, here is HDR of Kaup beach light house shot few weeks back. I just love the colors :-). It seems like lighthouse is ready to launch itself to sky :D. The final image was brutally tweaked to obtain the desired effects (name it white-balance, shadows&highlight correction, sharpness, contrast, saturation, level etc.. etc..)

Despite brutally tweaked, the image is devoid of any noise or distortion. Thats major advantage of shooting in RAW and compose HDR. I am enjoying the workflow right from start of Luminance HDR till the end of dark table. Dark table is too cool :-) gives fantastic results and its open source too!

Nowadays its difficult to find time for myself to elaborate a topic and hence nothing much detailed post. When I am free, will try to share my workflow so that people can comment on improvements.

Into the Sky, hear beautiful music by Afternova one of my favorite music producer and fly into the sky. It has one of the finest orchestral melody:

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