Friday, April 25, 2014

Skywatch Friday: Beyond The Horizon

Recently I had been to hometown. Whenever I get an opportunity, I love to visit beautiful shorelines of Kaup beach which is mere 6kms from my village. The light house, the dazzling sun, gorgeous backwaters, the distant horizon, compels me to visit as frequently as possible. Here are some pictures shot during the visit. There was colorful sunset in between strip of stratocumulous clouds which illuminated the atmosphere with spectacular patterns :-). Every beach visit has been unique for me with mother nature showing up with vivid patterns.


Last but not the least, the visit is never completed without a dose of tasty churumuri :-). But as always there are candidates for it beyond human race :-(.

This guy is owned by some beach worker was lethargically resting on dunes. As soon as he saw my churumuri, he slowly woke up and sat in front of me :-). Since everyone had finished their part and I was the last to finish, I was the only choice for him :-(. I had kept camera for short timelapse and had to drive him away from tripod so that he does not get lured by pole of tripod :D. Also, if I don't feed him, there was chances of taking revenge on me nearby tripod :-). Eventually we fed him with some snacks not because of revenge but his innocent face compelled us to feed some food.

Back to title, I was excited after seeing the dead straight horizon at far end. Looking at the panoramic view of Kaup beach, the title flashed on to my mind. We never know what is in store Beyond Horizon of our life. Just enjoy what is present and what is within the horizon. Don't confuse your life having expectations beyond horizon. Keep yourself busy (ex: nurturing your hobbies) so that you don't program your mind to have nasty expectations. What lies beyond horizon is only imagination and do not expect to happen your way. You can only hope for best. Whatever happens, accept it gracefully and  enjoy the journey. Yes, these things are difficult to follow yet we can achieve to certain extent. I am practicing it gradually :-) and as first step, I saw lot beauty in my backyard which I have shared above ;-). Beyond horizon, I don't know to swim and hence settled within horizon ;-).

Also within the horizon enjoy the beautiful composition of British musician Cymatics - Beyond Horizon. He is producing new songs with code name "Innersync". The exciting part of music is the orchestral breakdown. It has heart breaking melody with soothing sound of piano! 20% of blog posts arise out of such compelling music which communicate deep emotions in their chords. If you admire uplifting trance music do listen to music here.

Innersync - Beyond The Horizon:

If you wish to participate in weekly skywatch theme and join people beyond your horizon, create a blogpost with self-clicked picture containing sky and link blog URL here. Do not miss to visit other people's page and appreciate their efforts too!

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