Friday, February 5, 2016

Skywatch Friday - Festive fervour at Melukote

I am revisiting few places nearby Bangalore to entertain my better half. This is next itinerary of our jaunt towards rural parts nearby Bangalore. For this week, it was none other than beautiful Melukote nearby Mandya. Being 140kms far from city, we had to start as early as 9AM to spend umpteen time amidst the serene town. Barring tiny hiccups, we reached Melukote around 1:15PM and first impression was huge crowd! The festive season has bloomed the charm on the temple town and people seen in large numbers to seek blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Melukote is hamlet situated 40kms from Mandya of Karnataka state. It is pre-dominantly famous for archaic temples namely Cheluvanarayanaswamy and Yoganarasimha temples both replica of Lord Vishnu. This temple is believed to be built during hoysala regime when Sri Ramanujacharya was residing here. Apart from architectural marvels, the place is adorned with exhilarating landscape, shining water bodies (there are many) and mouth watering local delicacies namely puliyogare, curd rice, sweet pongal and mirchi bajji.

Cheluvanarayanaswamy temple


Yoganarasimha temple

One has to climb 400+ steps to reach the temple situated atop hillock. The idol of Lord Narasimha is believed to be installed by his devotee Prahlada himself.

Akka-tangi kola

Mythology narrates that the ponds were built by sisters.

The akka pond is slushy while the tangi's pond is crystal clear. One can visualize the same during visit. A turtle resides in akka kola while myriad of fishes rove around tangi pond keeping it clean.

Large number of fish on Tangi kola while small turtle in akka kola. One could witness swarming fishes towards the bank seeking food from pilgrims.
Ironically, the purest pond termed was contaminated by people with plastic & flowers and other materials as offering to the water body

Placard suggests that water from tangi kola could be drank raw without any sterilization!


On the way back, one can relax under the atmosphere of beautiful lake. Despite being blemished by the civilization, the surrounding provides absolute tranquillity amidst lovely nature.

On final note, it's heart warming beautiful rural sunset.

At the end, watch the video full length to march along the virtual trails of Melukote. I have provided annotations wherever required and hope it keeps the viewers interested :)

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