Thursday, February 4, 2016

Timelapse collection from my village - Part 2 & 3

Here are little timelapse collections from my village composed over a year. Even though the Part-2 was composed a long ago, the blog write-up arose just today :). Hope you enjoy watching the footages. Constructive feedbacks are always welcome.

The first footage starts of with little of Pseudo HDR which means, a HDR mimicked from single RAW file. Even though the visuals don't really reveal HDR surroundings, it has HDR vibe a bit :). Apart from the HDR stills, there are monsoon clips as well. Last year, I could not spend much time during monsoon season. Nevertheless, I grabbed a few when had opportunity.

The third part has some unique stills of color variations over flower & some exposure locking techniques newly introduced in darktable v2.0. With new features of darktable, one can equalize the exposures of pictures captured in Av Mode which alters exposure based on surrounding light. The best part of the videos are from twilight scenes & gleaming golden hour sun garnishing perfect reflections over abandoned paddy field. Some of the mistakes committed were disabling mirror lock-up for long exposures which thwarted few clips. There was no way to recover the flawed images and scene as well :(.

The entire timelapse series is dedicated to:

1) My parents who always supported my hobby of photography
2) To my Beautiful village Paadooru & Kaup beach
3) Benevolent music of Andy blueman's Serenity (orchestral mix).

Constructive feedback on timelapse footages are always welcome.

Hope you enjoy the clips!

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