Sunday, January 31, 2016

Antaragange revisit and candid hill climb

Myself and wife visited Anataragange on a overcast Sunday of July. The aim was to introduce nearby places to my wife and enjoy sometime with placid nature breathing pristine air. We started late due to implied morning routines. My better half prepared tasty Bisibele bath for breakfast and we packed the same to savor lunch along with snacks.

We began our journey around 11:30AM and drove towards KR Puram. The smoothly laid National Highway was relatively empty while the toll gate was clogged with vehicles. There was almost 20mins of delay waiting for our turn to cross the toll booth. On the way, we halted at Kamat for short break. After a sailing drive along NH-4, our chariot reached Kolar at 1:30PM. With the help of locals, we reached Anataragange.

Known as Dakshina-Kaashi, Antaragange in Kolar is famous for mystical water tumbling from hillocks diving towards small pool. The origin of water is not known to anyone. The water flows throughout the year without any dry-period. The taste is sweeter than mineral water and one can drink it raw without hesitation. The intensity was not as experienced in my last visit but sweetness was still pleasant

After having initial glimpse and sipping pure aqua rolling from hillocks, we started roaming along the contour of the temple area. While on a casual walk, we instantly spotted steps leading further up towards peak of hill. One of the person enthused us to explore at the same time cautioning about the hardship involved. My impression was he would have exaggerated the scene but I was wrong. My assumption was that the trail leads to nearby view point, however was leading to the peak of hillock. We realized it when group of children were stepping downwards after arduous hike.

I was gung-ho about reaching summit, but it was first hike for my sweetheart. At times, I was apprehensive but her enthu was also at very high. This provided confidence for me too which tempted us to reach the culmination. The trails which were unbeknown to us, were well marked by the bygone hikers. We intermittently took short breaks whenever felt tired. The cloud cover & gentle breeze provided reprieve from radiating sun & fatigue. After nearly an hour of trudge over uneven rocky path, rugged surface, bushy trails, we reached the peak point. Both were exhilarated and tired too :). We sat on boulder for nearly an hour and enjoyed the pristine air blowing from west along with thick monsoon clouds. One can view neighboring village and bird-eye view of Kolar town. Also the bucolic scenes of cattle grazing is soul enthralling.


I took few shots and kept camera for short timelapse. Both of us had short gab as well. Around 4:30PM, we realized the cloud build up over the distant horizon and brewing storm approaching the hillock. We started stepping down and reached in 30 mins. After final glimpse, we bid goodbye to Antaragange and reached parking lot to have well deserved lunch. The tasty Bisibele bath was devoured in no time. We had closed windows to avoid monkey menace.

Once done with lunch, we started towards Bangalore and on the way, clouds crumbled over stratosphere, rattling windshield with monsoon rain drops. I thanked almighty for covering us with diffused sunlight and delayed rain without which we could not have managed to reach the peak. Also the delayed rain smoothened our downhill path which otherwise would have been slippery affair without umbrella. My wife too enjoyed climbing which was her maiden experience. Even though tired, she reconciled after reaching the culmination. We could have enjoyed glorious sunset from hilltop, but for valid reasons, we did not stay. Anataragange is undoubtedly famous for cave exploration which I wish to plan in near future. Nevertheless, we had exhilarating experience climbing hills as well :-)

After relishing light refreshment in Kamat Upahar we reached Bangalore around 7PM ending one more beautiful journey. We climbed in normal chappals but do wear good sports shoe. The rocks are slippery. Avoid clear skies since it is daunting to hike under radiating Sun & scanty vegetation.

Here is a short video with timelapse of Antaragange (both the water flow & hill-view). It includes a short HDR timelapse as well


  1. A tour well described.
    I haven't been there yet.



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