Friday, January 1, 2016

Skywatch Friday - Vehement Vermilion Sky over Paadooru

This is my first blog of the year 2016. Incidentally, it happened to be originated from my village. Willing to be active writer in new year as well!

The cirro-stratus clouds create most sultry weather and often cursed by landscape photographers. They turn atmosphere hazy which acts as hindrance to landscape shoots. But as proverb says every trouble has happy ending. After day long presence with diffused sun light, they shut off the day with colourful glows! This was similar scene over fields of my village after sun sunk beneath the horizon. The Sun had emblazoned the sky in partnership with cirrus clouds and created vermilion dusk over the stratosphere. These clouds which acted as shabby constituent turn the twilight sky with glorious spectacle garnishing with vivid colours. This portrait of sky with landscape (beach would be perfect) is what photographers have longing for. This was the scene during withdrawal of monsoon over my village. The atmospheric elements blent with golden hour sun created magnificent spectacle over skies. The landscape coupled with reflections of transforming skies provided perfect composition for my camera. The ephemeral timelapse captured the phenomenon with accurate details. The reflections on the abandoned paddy field garnished the composition with virtual footprints as foreground subject. The upshot of nature's mystery is this blog post with swanky title ;-).

Hope you enjoy the vivid fleeting glimpses and celebrate the ever joyous nature. 

I was bit late first day to capture the beauty of nature but did not miss next day's event.

This is second day's incarnations of nature was captured entirely. The sky which remained insipid later transformed to glowing yellow then orange spectacle then saffron beauty finally culminating in vermilion sky.

I even captured third day's event as well but did not much concentrate on photography rather my retina enjoyed to fullest.

I did capture few HDR shots but such scenes are snapped against silhouettes of landscape. Any-ways even HDRs turned out brilliant than expected. Hope you enjoy them too!

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