Monday, January 18, 2016

Shivamogga Diaries - Splendurous Bhadra reservoir

After the Koodli visit, it is time to relax to complement overnight sleep. An hour of bright sleep, refreshed my nerves and I was ready for next destination which was Bhadra Reservoir. Bhadra reservoir landscape was unknown for me and hence started my journey with low expectation but end of day it delivered lot of pleasure to soul :).

I went straight to the private bus stop and sought help of locals to navigate towards Bhadra Reservoir. The courteous people aptly guided me to board a bus towards Lakkavalli and seek assistance of conductor to alight at Bhadra Reservoir. Bhadra reservoir is about 30kms from Shivamogga town and has many direct buses leading to destination. A 15 minute wait, I caught up with private bus destined to Lakkavalli. I requested Bus conductor to guide me to right stop and he did as well. An hour journey meandering through gorgeous rural landscape & tiny hills, here I am at the entrance of Bhadra Reservoir.

The first sight experience was mediocre. A gentle plunge of water through the dam gates were the initial glimpse. I knew there is something special at the top. As I approached the dam, I spotted the steps leading towards the dam's summit. An easy climb of 700-800 steps will lead you to the vantage point and the experience is just spellbound!! What an enchanting nature hemmed between the tiny hillocks. The interspersed stratocumulous clouds and Sun were drawing artistic pattern over Bhadra river. A true mesmerizing sight for landscape photographers & nature lovers. It was possible to even explore further but I restrained myself owing to lack of time.


The Bhadra reservoir stands with a height of 186feet serving irrigation purpose for neighboring villages. Many villages were submerged to construct the dam. The original plan was 230feet however was reduced to 186feet due to seemingly drowning of Narasimharajapura town. All beauty comes at the cost of pain of villagers. Plans are in place to construct gardens and recreational facilities at the dam sight on similar lines as KRS Dam. However, this program is currently hampered due to lack of funds. The Bhadra reservoir provides irrigation for 5 lakh acres of right bank and 1 lakh acre of left bank comprising of two harvests. The entry to dam top is restricted by the authorities may be due to suicidal cases or security purpose. A resort run by government here costs 2.8k per day.

For an hour, I was rejoicing the breeze of nature and my camera with beautiful timelapse of spraying Sun. The stratocumulous clouds in conjunction with Sun shower rays of glory with dramatic contrast & pattern.

During evening hour, I saw sailing boat over the Bhadra river which tempted me to get down from the dam and rushed towards the boating camp. As I hustled towards gate with enthusiasm, one of the villager lamented that the facility is only for tenants of resort. I was disgusted with my decision since the golden hour was ON. Rather than climbing back, I started chatting with villager. The description on Bhadra Reservoir is consequence of his narration :). Anyways beautiful twilight vivid sky and timelapse of the transition placated my soul!

Once satisfied with the visit, I prepped up for return journey. Caught a private bus and easily reached Shivamogga.

Food: Only condiments & snacks are available nearby the dam sight

Transport: Ample buses run from Shivamogga towards Lakkavalli. Seek guidance of conductors to alight at right stop.

Best time to visit: Probably post monsoon when we have scattered clouds and not much rains. Monsoon season, the water will be sludgy

Majority of emotions are penned down in my previous blog Rise Above

At the end watch a short video of Bhadra reservoir.

The timelapse contains few frames captured from Bhadra Reservoir. Hoep you enjoy as well!

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