Friday, January 15, 2016

Skywatch Friday - Letter to the Sun

With the path of Sun moving towards the Northern hemisphere, my "Letter to the Sun" to shine us with glow of glory. Despite the blistering heat of day, the Sun sets with colorful note during dusk.

Oh my Lord, you are the curator of life as well destroyer. You have great energy embedded for the cumbersome nuclear fusion phenomenon. You are the pristine star sparkling the world with even energy without discrimination. Shower us part of your energy to fuse the pains of life to transcend difficulties and tread towards path of wisdom. Bless us with energy to persevere in life and surmount the difficulties. Let the life shine like your beautiful golden hour light despite the hurdles. Give us abundant energy to overcome sorrows of life like your plenitude presence even when the clouds mask your shine. Provide warmth under sorrows and lead us to light under darkness.

Below are my visual prayer to Lord Sun and seek colorful life as his sunset.

This was Golden Sunset captured on the way from Shivanasamudra

And some from benevolent Kaup beach & my village

Polish duo composed a perfect "Letter to Sun" via magical notes of piano. Co-incidentally, it was composed at the dawn of 2015! I must say its perfect way to communicate to burning Sun your request via calm celestial piano leads. Watch out for that lovely melody from 1:20 to 2:17 with gradual befriending of Sun at breakdown point 3:13. The best part I love is that conjunction of dual lead riff melody at 2:39 which prolongs throughout the music. This style is normal in trance but pattern in current music captivated me bit more. 2:19-2:39, watch out how the beautiful celestial pad gradually meets the main lead. Such a brilliant composition.

Hear it here:

Finally oh my lord do not drain my interest to hear uplifting music even though a handful listen to such genre.

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