Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Shivamogga Diaries - Hazy Gajanur Dam

This is my final visit to tourist destinations nearby Shivamogga. There are lot more to visit though but no time as of now. Shivamogga district hosts some of exotic waterfalls deep within western ghats! Hope I will be able to nail them in future!

The ceremonial and as well concluding day of my short trip, I dawned for a quick visit to Gajanur dam. It was 9PM when morning routines were completed and there was 2 more hours to go. I quickly decided to visit Gajanur dam which was just 15kms from Shivamogga town. I asked auto-rickshaw about the bus and he said being Sunday, barely I would spot any. He offered me to carry in auto with agreed amount and we set out towards Gajanur dam.

Gajanur dam is located along NH-13 connecting Shivamogga and Mangalore. From bus-stop one can see entrance gate towards dam. Being semi-malnad region, the region was covered with thick forests and vegetation. Within 30mins we reached the spot and I paid Rs.5 to gain entry into the dam site. Once again the influence of stratocumulous clouds marred my photography thirst. Despite having GND filter, it turned out to be fatal. Startocumulous clouds are excellent for twilight photography but they thwart day time plans. My visit to Gajanur dam was ephemeral and I had no plans for protracted stay in Shivamogga. Literally, I was disappointed but happy I could visit. Probably I hope for better luck during next visit.


Gajanur dam is built across Tunga River is longer than Bhadra reservoir. The reservoir is constructed for irrigation purpose. I am not sure about the dimensions of the dam. The visit to dam top is again restricted :(. The river bed also hosts numerous crocodiles as per locals. A government guest house is located nearby dam. I am again not sure if it is meant for public or only few top officials.

After the short uninspiring visit, I ascended the same auto-rickshaw. Alongside the bleak visit, the rickshaw driver rattled out on my delay to return. I had to retaliate to his obnoxious comments by reminding him of journey accord. Fleetingly, a commotion erupted. To my plight, rickshaw driver levied heavy charge for the transit. This was my first bummer with auto-rickshaw in unknown location.

Food: Food stalls tend to overcharge. Shivamogga is ideal location.

Transport: Numerous buses ply from Shivamogga town towards Gajanur dam. Do not buy into auto-rickshaws. They tend to dupe the travelers by deviating from negotiated rate.

Best Time to visit: Monsoon season would be ideal for enjoying the benevolent nature. Other seasons, please visit during evening hours to catch glimpse of golden hour Sun.

More info: http://www.karnataka.com/shimoga/gajanur-dam/

Nearby attractions: Mandagadde bird sanctuary, Sakrebailu elephant camp, Lion-Tiger Safari

I tried to remove haze with level correction & software GND filter but still no luck. When there is haze, it is better to turn pictures Black & White :)


Finally, watch a short video of the visit

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  1. Yes been here and public is not allowed on the dam but saw few people walking there. may be special permission needed. Primary reason i prefer driving to any place is because i dont want my trip spoiled because of fights with auto or cab drivers.



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