Friday, January 29, 2016

Skywatch Friday - An Impromptu drive to Chunchi Falls

The actual plan for the day was to visit T K Falls situated near Bangalore. However few untoward incidents swerved us from visiting this waterfall. I was with high expectation to visit T K falls as a consequence of month long rains. The plan failed miserably. With omnipresent prolific beauty of nature, it was not worth settling behind polluted bars of city. The soul desperately wanted emancipation from city mayhem. Without thinking much, I steered towards chunchi falls. With umpteen time left for the day, we reached chunchi falls and drenched under serenity of nature. This was even maiden waterfall visit of my wife as well. The nature welcomed us with beautiful landscape and roaring waterfalls.

The Nature creates a spectacle over the skies after weeks of rains. The situation was no different at chunchi falls during golden hour Sunset. There was abundant rains for 2-3 weeks in and around Bangalore during September time-frame. The consequence was exuberant waterfall, lush greenery, gentle weather and why not beautiful sun sneaking through the blue clouds. I had an opportunity to photograph such a glorious evening in chunchi falls. These glories look fantastic as HDR images. I was honored to capture the bucolic vibe with blessings of mother nature. Here are the visual captures for you!


The following images were caught en-route to Bangalore.

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  1. These are beautiful photos. This place looks so enchanting. Thank you for sharing.



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