Friday, June 24, 2016

Skywatch Friday - Memoirs of Kukkarahalli Lake, Mysore

Off-late, I am drifting through the nook & cranny of my archive hard disk. In the process, I realized that lot of pictures have not been shared anywhere, or looked upon. Many of the instances, I just used to click and chuck them into the hard-drive without acting on them. However, now I am realizing how enchanting they are and plucking them up whenever I find time. It also brought back my golden yesteryears when I used to click for my own rather than for display. Nowadays, I usually scout the metal storage for untouched snaps more than grabbing new pictures. One of the outcome of such an excavation, is idyllic scenes of Kukkarahalli lake of Mysore. Hope you enjoy the visual series grabbed during our jaunt along the lake.

Those were the last days of my sister's stay in Mysore. I wanted to take advantage of roaming around the Mysore city before my sister migrates to Mangalore. One of the trivial but familiar place in Mysore, also which is proximity to my sister's house was Kukkarahalli lake. It has beautiful landscape covering wide area. Walkers can stroll around the periphery at restricted time interval. One fine day, when all planets converged at right positions ;), we also set out for evening jaunt. It was winter time and huge flock of aquatic birds topped up our visit. Here are the shots which I am sharing for the first time in my blog to revisit those memories.

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