Friday, July 1, 2016

दुर्गा देवी दुरिता निवारिणि

Goddess Durga & Lord Ganapathy are prominent deities being worshiped in coastal Karnataka. One of the primary worship performed to appease Goddess Durga is the Durganamaskara pooja. Predominantly conducted during night of Full Moon day, this pooja lasts for almost 3 hrs. The worship happens with red kepala flower (Jungle flame) found along the local hillocks which is said to be favorite of Goddess Durga. During the evening hours, colorful sketches are drawn using Rangoli powder glittered by oil/ghee lit lamps. Apart from kepala flower many other variants are also used especially Jasmine. The pooja begins with chanting of Durga Saptashati and concludes with culmination of the same. The primary offering done is Gudanna which is also known as Mudde paramana. Gudanna is intensely soaked in ghee, banana & cashew which makes it yummy to savor :). At the end of pooja, the colored area is completely filled with lumps of vivid flowers which makes it more attractive.

End of day, guests will be served with tasty meal as well.

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