Thursday, July 21, 2016

Skywatch Friday - An evening in Hebbal Lake

Once again after a brief lull from stagnated trips, it was time for another short visit to nearby places. It has been long time since we traveled far and being monsoon, there is eagerness to fly towards Western Ghats. Not sure if I can plan in subsequent months but there is one. As of now, we are restricting to neighboring places and this time we chose the Hebbal lake for short evening stroll. We started around 5PM and the stay lasted till 6:30PM beyond which the lake visit is closed. Here are some of HDR shots composed during our visit. The sky was clouded and the effulgent sun was masked by band of rushing monsoon clouds. The vibe over troposphere was disappointing for photo shoot as well. Hence not much to hype about the shots :).

There is not much rejoice inside the Hebbal Lake garden. The entire area is covered with vegetation and no scope for photographers to shoot. Some good perception can be drawn, if you can break through the short turf situated along the walk trails. However, there may threat of snakes as well. The area of stroll is also limited with security personnel constantly whistling and administering people movement. The lawn at the entrance provides ample space for children to play. All of these bear entrance fee Rs.20 per person with extra 10 for still camera.

Despite the beauty, the lake lacks best of views for photographers. Authorities should consider constructing a walk path for nature lovers. The view from  summit of Hebbal flyover can provide efficacious pictures if you can manage traffic mayhem. Apart from that, views from fence along the NH-7 towards Airport can also prove worthy if your lens can sneak through the holes :)

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