Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time Lapse Video - 4 [Dusk to dark with clouds and city lights]

After a long time here is one more time lapse blog. So a different try on a blazing windy day! The monsoon is about to begin and it is time to capture motion of clouds again with time lapse. This time it is dusk to dark with moving clouds and lighting city! Once again the Magic Lantern Intervalometer used for timelapse.

Here were settings. I let camera to choose shutter speed. I chose Auto White Balance since lighting was changing so much. Yes, thats not correct; Will experiment with constant WB next time (Initially thought of Tungsten WB but dropped it).

Camera: Canon EOS 550D
Lens: 18-55mm kit lens
Focal Length: 18mm
Mode: Aperture value (Av)
Aperture: f/8
Shutter speed: Auto
ISO: 100
Exposure Value: -0.6
Metering: Center weighted average
White Balance: Auto
Picture style: Landscape
Flash: No Flash
Focus: Manual
Picture Intervals: 8s, 40s, 70s
Tripod used: Long painting stand ;-)
ML Firmware version:  2.3

I did shoot some Moon photos 2 days back did not fall back to normal setting. Initially some pictures were taken with spot metering :-(. Fortunately I spotted the mistake pretty much early and then the stage was set to capture TimeLapse. The major problem was wind. However the camera withstood it. There was long metal stand which was used for painting purpose. I placed camera on top of it[again forgot to bring tripod from native :-(] and started ML intervalometer. Everything worked fine until, day became darker. The camera shutter could not converge early and consequently could not sync up with intervalometer timer. Hence in middle, I had to increase the inetrvalometer delay from 8s to 40s and later 70s (Hence slight unnoticeable misalignment ;-) also effect of AWB is seen. Please bear with it!). The capture was taken from 6PM to 8PM. It gave me enthusiasm in midst of worst working days. I also enjoyed the pre-monsoon breeze along with camera shoot

Finally the composed video! As always composed in KDENLIVE under Linux. Since first part (before I changed interval) was taken at less intervals, I split video into two parts. One is fast part and second is slow part and finally merged into single video so that pace remained same. The frame rate for fast part was around 2frames/image while slow part was 4frames/image Watch & enjoy and comment for any improvements.

After my experiment was done, I looked into ML documentation. They also have FPS override feature to cater long exposure images during time lapse! Wow! I will try out after looking into documentation in detail. For now this is the one ;-)

Music: Excerpt from Rank1-Airwave (Electica remix). One of my favorites :-). What an amazing musical magic from Finland musician valtttu . Hear the full song here:

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