Saturday, June 15, 2013

Few Long exposure trials at Kaup Beach

This is the first time I am experimenting with Long Exposures at any outside location. Earlier some were done nearby house but there were no special subject in picture to look into. This time I took tripod to Kaup beach to shoot some long exposures post 6PM. I reached until 30s beyond which I did not have time to experiment using remote timer. The pictures have come out good but not so professional. I am happy with my first experiment. The main drawback was I did not use remote timer. I used in built timer of camera to release shutter. That added bit jerkiness to some of the images. Also gusty winds also added to camera shake a bit. However, for long exposures, a slight shake means blurry image. May be I require heavier tripod or I should specifically choose low windy day during winter. During my next experiment I will use remote timer. Here are the shots. Some of them have come good but some needs lot of improvements. All the pictures are edited using GIMP under Linux Mint. I do not remember settings. Mostly around f/9 or above and beyond 10s. I believe EXIF data would have been preserved after uploading too! Watch the pictures and enjoy!

This came out good but horizon is bent.Noticed after downloading

Not so happy with sharpness of trees but enjoyed sky!

Finally not to miss this lovely dog. The picture was taken around 2years back and the same dog was present during this day too! Seems to be owned by one of the vendors in beach. I was enjoying churumuri along with monsoon breeze. She came near me dancing and jumping to grab some share :-). But I was busy with shoot and eating. I had to chase her away suspecting she may get attracted towards pole of tripod :D. Finally my mother fed her few churumuri and ice cream which the dog ate happily. Even after that, she was running and roaming around beach area enjoying herself.

All images copyright (c) Nandakumar, all rights reserved.

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