Sunday, June 30, 2013

HDR of my village

This was shot almost a month back. There was considerable amount of rain for almost 10days before monsoon could get started. The lush greenery on plantations along with monsoon clouds tempted me to capture a HDR. The shot was taken around 6:30PM I believe. Since it was quite dark, tripod was must. The ML HDR option was tuned for 3 images shot with 0,+,++ (initially at -2EV) with increment of 2EV which is {-2,0,+2} exposure values. I do not remember the settings properly. May be f/10 with ISO 100. I guess the shutter speed for mid image was around 1s (not sure). The images were put together in Luminance HDR and the software did excellent work. Fatal operator was chosen and the HDR was tone-mapped with lessening alpha and increasing saturation values. The image was further corrected with GIMP. I am satisfied with result except for clouds have come out like candy :-). The composed image was around 19MB :D which was shrinked to 2MB after more compression. Hope you will enjoy the image too!

HDR of village

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