Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sooryamoorthe Namosthute -- Salutation to Sun God

From trance music to carnatic classical music, I have been enjoying the two extremes of melody. I have been listening to trance music since I got introduced to Rank1-Airwave (original mix). The primary attraction in trance music is the melody and progression in between. Initially the music has only the bass involved, however you need to hear them full length if really want to enjoy. It does not mean all of them are good but there are people who create great music all the times like Andy-Blueman. Unfortunately Andy has left trance music way back but musical work he left is really amazing and eternal.

Coming back, the music I enjoy on Sunday morning is the Sooryamoorthe Namosthute, a music composed by Sri Muttuswamy Deekshitar in Sourashtra raaga in Sanskrit language. It is perfect for me on SUNday morning. The great part of Deekshitar composition is the intelligent use of name of Raaga in his compositions. Also his Sanskrit knowledge is unquestionable especially the grammatical approach. The abhayamba vibhakti kritis created out of specific vibhakti are simply marvelous.

From Sunset-Beautiful Life to Sooryamoorthe Namosthute, here is the picture taken 3 years back. The winter SUN is magnificent to watch and photographers love it a lot :-). The SUN shows off with vibrant colors sometimes and beautiful rays. There may be physics behind it but I am not aware of it properly. Hope you will enjoy the picture!


If you are fan of carnatic classical music, do hear the music here:

It is wonderful to here in slow pace (Vilamba kaala).

I found one more great remix of Sunset-Beautiful Life by Innes Erthser. Do hear it here:

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