Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sunset on the banks of Swarna River, Barkoor, Udupi District

Wondering why no swanky title this time :-), enough of bragging ;-). Here is one more SUNSET picture captured on our way back from Barkoor town situated 20kms from Udupi. Everytime I travel along this way, I think of taking a picture of beautiful landscape from Barkoor bridge along with Swarna River. Coastal Karnataka is blessed with such beautiful landscapes all along and monsoon season adds more glory to the nature. There are so many unexplored nature which Rakesh Holla writes in his blogs. As stated in previous blogs, the winter SUN is wonderful to watch. This was taken sometimes during early winter (Deepaavali time). Finally I stopped for some time at Barkoor bridge to grab some pictures including this SUNSET. The picture was captured with Canon's nifty-fifty lens :-), the cheapest OEM lens available for Canon ;-) (50mm f/1.8). Watch and enjoy the SUN god for one more time!


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Picture Editing notes:

The picture had power lines in the composition which I noticed after downloading. That really spoiled entire composition. I tried with GIMP clone tool to remove the power line but in vain. After extensive search on the internet, I found a great resynthesizing plugin to remove unwanted object in GIMP. There is an option in plugin named 'Heal Selection'. That did a fantastic job of removing the distracting power lines :-) without mangling with composition. If you are on linux box, install with 'sudo apt-get install gimp-resynthesizer'. The default repo of linux mint has this plugin. I am not sure how to install for windows.

Here is link for GIMP Resynthesizer:
Here is a tutorial:

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