Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Monsoon walk around my village

21 July 2013

After having so much fun on Friday along the majestic Western ghats, I had equally bad day on Saturday. I am not stating the reason, however it was too bad :(. I got up with less enthusiasm on Sunday, savored nice tea made by mother. It was not so much raining too. Some intermittent rains only. However there was greenery all over. Both of our wells were full. I just went down the coconut plantation to see the monsoon streams. They were truly great to see which brought my mood up. I grabbed my camera and sleeping tripod walked all along the stream path. Also paddy fields were occupied by pond herons. The sound of peacock was soothing. The flying bees and butterflies added more glory to the monsoon weather.

Let me start off with landscapes of paddy fields and streams. We have planted paddy saplings on small area for festival purpose. Usually we borrow from other farmers the new paddy every-time for festivals. This time, mother wanted self grown one.

Small Paddy Field

The Monsoon Stream

Monsoon stream passing through canopy
There were lot of butterflies and bugs on flower. How can I miss those shots ;-). Here are few. The images were captured with tele-lens :D in macro mode. Hence not so deep. I want to buy a macro lens however requires permission from mother :-).

I Know humans like this but this is my share!

I am busy here, please move away

Shut off that flash please or else I will fly away!

Don't you have any work?
Later I walked a bit more towards one of the major streams where there was tiny waterfall. I am very much tempted to grab long exposure shots whenever I see gushing water. Lack of ND filter makes it difficult to grab such shots since images get over-exposed. However the overcast weather made some long exposure shots possible with a very high f stop. With f/36 and 1s shutter, I could expose the water properly with surroundings. So here is the milky way. The stability is because of tripod. Even father got excited after seeing it.

Finally one more monsoon video. This time I have clubbed some of train journey videos along beautiful western ghats and clips of my village. Also full HD ;-). Enjoy the great monsoon landscape and glorious train journey through dense rain forest. I have not yet started train journey video editing. It may require a month to fully edit the videos due to old hardware. For sure it will be massive upload as earlier one(around 20-25 mins). Hope you will enjoy the short documentary. Feedback on video quality, perception, improvements or any other aspects are always welcome.

Music: Excerpt from 'A beautiful tomorrow' - A perfect trance music by imperfection. What a marvelous work by imperfection. Absolutely gorgeous melody!

Last Note:

Yesterday my father deliberately called me saying, it has been raining very heavily from past 2 days. Also on Friday, there was continuous rain for 3hours. I really felt jealous and sad :(. It does not rain so much when I am there. I will be travelling again after 2-3 weeks. Hope I will have great time with rain at that time. Beauty of this year's monsoon season is, it has not rested even for a single day. Every day we have atleast 2-3 spells of heavy showers!

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