Thursday, July 25, 2013

Manual HDR: View via stream

After enchanting journey along Sakaleshapura-Subramanya tracks, my 32GB SD card was fully loaded. Hence I had no option other than to use the 4GB SD card which came with camera pack. The Magic Lantern firmware is loaded only in former one while latter did not have it. Consequently HDR had to be manually bracketed. The only plus point was tripod.

I was having a monsoon walk around my village on overcast Sunday morning. After seeing this view, I wanted to capture a HDR image. There was no option other than manually compose the images. The major problem was changing light which mangled with exposures. Fortunately for sometime the lighting was steady and I could grab 3 shots. The images were put together in Luminance HDR and it did good job as always. I am happy with composed image. All subjects are properly exposed. Hope you will enjoy the image too! I did the same mistake of not taking RAW shots :(

HDR view via stream


Camera: Canon EOS 550D
Lens: 18-55mm kit lens
Focal Length: 18mm
Focus: Manual
Aperture: f/22 (Not sure why I went so far)
ISO: 100
Picture Style: Landscape
Metering: Center weighted average
No of images: 3
Exposures: -2,0,+2 (1/8s for middle)
Softwares: Luminance HDR (Fatal operator), GIMP

Edit 1:

Now I remember why I went all the way upto f/22. The intention was to capture flow of water which is not possible with higher shutter speed. Hence I had to increase 'f' stop to maximum to get some feel of flowing water. However even f/22 could give me only 1/8th of second with proper exposure. I wanted somewhere around 5 seconds. A ND filter would have been great choice. With a GND, HDR composition would not have required at all!

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