Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Myself in liaison with auto-driver Mr.Ganesh, embarked on a treasure hunt in middle of dense western ghats of Gokarna. Unfortunately, there were no signboards towards the treasure we were looking for. From Gokarna bypass, we started our hunt towards the treasure along the Sirsi highway. We enjoyed beautiful Gangavali river intermittently along with breath taking view of Tadadi from vantage, where Gangavali river flows along the hillocks of Gokarna before merging with Arabian sea. But still no clue on reaching our treasure point. We traveled all along the dense canopy of rainforest seeking help of locals to reach our destination. Some of them were clueless while some were guiding us along right direction. At times I was apprehensive as if things would go awry. "Yenadru aagli sarra... ivattu nodkonde hogova" [Whatever happens today sir, we will not go back without spotting it!], uttered the driver with tenacity in local accent. 12PM, it seemed as if the Sun already switched himself off despite the presence of azure sky. The region was roofed with thick & tall woods projecting all the way towards the sky precluding the dazzling solar beam! After relentless hunt, we eventually spotted the signboard 5kms before culmination. Few minutes later, here we are almost near to the beauty and began strolling along the mud road. Initially there was no trace of our subject of interest. As we walked uphill for almost 1.5kms, we heard the crescendo of gushing stream of water. Asudden, we saw the 'Delight' which is none other than 'Delight'ful 'Vibhuti Waterfalls' hemmed deep within the lofty mountains, dancing in cradle of mighty rainforest, tumbling with tremendous kinetic energy. The 'delight' proliferated after drinking pristine water from the storming aqua. I was also delighted to end the year in delightful fashion. Far from stifled city life, here we find the tranquility in its purest form. Long live western ghats!

Hear the 'Delight' from Matt Bukovski on this occasion filled with emotional atmosphere and splendid violin. The delightful melody starts from 2:54 supported by  emotional symphony from violin play. The melody from 3:46 is just heart-breaking with heavenly lead progression supported by the beautiful violin culminating in a emotional breakdown at 4:43 and melody prolongs. My heartfelt respect and kudos to the Polish musician. Hope it delights your soul too!

Matt Bukovski - Delight (Original Mix) --

Sara Pollino provided an excellent ambient transformation to the original trance version with extensive usage of orchestral instruments. The best part is from 1:56 to 2:56 wherein the piano, violin, wind chimes & cello, blend harmonically to create magnificent symphony. This is simply spine tingling stupendous work. While I was seated on one of the boulders enjoying the sprinkling droplets from gallons of water slapping the strewed limestone rocks, the chords of piano & violin resonated the aura of waterfall spot.

Matt Bukovski - Delight (Sara Pollino Chillout Mix) --

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