Friday, January 23, 2015


Last time I shared few macro shots with the same theme here. The absence of Image Stabilization is the biggest drawback in the lens used. Despite the absence of IS, it captures splendid pictures in broader light. This time, I had been to uncle's house situated atop the hills with ravishing Swarna river flowing down the valley and beautiful western ghats at the horizon. They have planted lotus in two pots. As per information gathered from uncle, in morning, the lotus was bud and later blossomed into beautiful flower. We were late to view the transformation. It would have been wonderful timelapse to capture the blossoming lotus. Rather than fretting further, I was happy to capture some good shots after the 'Florescence' of lotus. Here are shots captured during my visit to his house.

I thought of using a different theme for the post. But co-incidentally, while editing certain pictures shot during the occasion, I was hearing to one of the finest original of Andy Blueman which is Florescence. Filled with ecstatic melody of French horn, violin, orchestral vocal and splendid piano progression, Florescence undoubtedly captivates the uplifting fans instantly. I hear to Epic and Emotional mixes quite often and feel the blossoming flowers in our village garden. This is time to revisit the excellence of Slovenian master in blog post.

Hear if you admire uplifting music:

1) Florescence - Epic mix : This has the finest orchestral melody which blends french horn and orchestral vocal. Watch out how he draws the blooming flowers into beautiful melody from 3:29 to 4:04

2) Florescence - Emotional mix : This one is my favorite. The emotional journey outsets with breezing piano progression from 4:02 to 4:56 conjoining the fascinating melody of violin which culminates to a heavenly breakdown. Also don't miss the orchestral journey from 3:00 to 4:00 which includes melodic piano, violin and drums.

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