Friday, February 27, 2015

Skywatch Friday - Breathing

I had an opportunity to drive alone to my native village for yet another time. Since Shiraadi ghat was under maintenance, I decided to drive via Sampaje ghat. Deviating from normal route, I diverted the course towards Nagarahole. After enjoying the breathe from breathtaking western ghats along with wildlife and flanked by tall woods, I reached Kutta. My excitement peaked as I saw signboards depicting 12kms towards the destination of wish. As we descended 3kms along narrow hilly road, the vistas of Brahmagiri mountain ranges fascinated us. From parking lot, we enjoyed treading along the trails of verdant nature for almost 750m and experienced true serenity. The roar of Lakshmana Teertha river magnified as we reached the mincing Irpu Waterfalls and it was time to relax "Breathing" in unsullied oxygen emanated from tall woods. I bow with respect to one of the UNESCO recognized heritage site. Breathing the soothing air from western ghats is free service for lungs and keeps away from illness. Especially such destinations filled with plenty of medicinal plants act as a natural means of curing illness. One has to experience as how the nostril opens up freely after spending quality time in our lovely rainforest.


Its time now to breathe in some beautiful uplifting music. On this occasion, I would like to share wonderful music connected to theme. It has been long time I heard these melodies. I have used this platform to revisit and hear the beautiful melodies for one more time.

Russian musician Laker pulled up perfect breathing melody titled "Breathing". It has melodious outset of leads from 0:52 blending with violin at 1:28. The best part is orchestral riff (not able to recognize the instrument from timbre, seems like some kind of brass instrument) from 2:50 to 4:10 where one can breathe-in natural air seated in middle of dense western ghats. The breakdown begins from 4:11 leading to winding culmination at 5:06. I rewound that orchestral melody almost 4-5 times; Such a splendid feeling, just like symphony of waterfall plunge!

Brazilian duo Puma Scorz & Sunset provided a slight different touch with reduced tempo but melody more or less same as original. The best part is string melody from 2:07 to 3:02 which depicts perfect breathing atmosphere.

Magdelyana provided peaceful touch to original version sparing bassline and adopting ambient instrument. This music conjures up a feeling of breathing deeply in midst of splendid western ghats with the ambient music caressing your soul along with chirping birds, gentle movement of clouds and symphony of waterfall plunge. As the ambient melody percolates over the soul, breathe in pure air from western ghats and exhale the stock of anxious city smoke.

Laker - Breathing (Original Mix):
Laker - Breathing (Puma Scorz and Sunset remix):
Laker - Breathing (Magdelayna chilled remake):

Out of three, the original is still the best for me. I am cursing myself since I heard this off-late. I thought that Brazilian duo had an edge but the original is awesome!

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  1. That is beautiful, I love the waterfall pictures I would love to dip my toes into the stream. Thanks for sharing XX Don

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  2. beautiful waterfall images and the sky capture is wonderful too.



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