Friday, March 18, 2016

Skywatch Friday - Benevolent Kaup beach Sunset

One more visit to Kaup beach and one more glorious sunset to enjoy. The Kaup beach always looks more charmer than previous visits. That is beauty of mother nature. It has been long time since I visited Kaup beach and on this occasion we could peacefully visit :). Nowadays, Kaup beach looks very neat due to installations of trash bins. Earlier people turned the beautiful shore lines shabby owing to their ignorance. Despite all the efforts, few sadist visitors do blemish the dunes with plastic waste. Now, the beach looked clean from wastes and shorelines glisten from Sun beam. Hope you enjoy the short photo tour captured during visit.

As I explained previous posts, HDRs are all about maintaining dynamic range and not symmetry. Same technique I applied to pictures. Even though, symmetric 5 pictures captured, the photos were chosen to fit actual dynamic range. Some of them required only (-1, 0, +1), some (-2, 0, +1)  and such uneven combinations. Few required -2 for accentuating the reflections and many required only +1 to properly expose shadows. The primary reason being, the diminished intensity of Sun.

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  1. Beautiful beach! Nice rich colours. And wonderful compositions.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Alex's World! -

  2. The boat made an interesting focal point, but it was so far from the water I wonder how it got there. And I also wonder how the owners will get it either back in the water or onto a trailer. - Margy



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