Friday, April 22, 2016

A short evening stroll along verdant trails of Cubbon Park

There is no respite from blistering Sun and cityscape is burning like blast furnace. With no trace of pre-monsoon rains, it is difficult to venture out of house. Also none of the places except beaches are worth visiting during these days. The only option is to explore the proximate locations within the city itself during evening hours! It was Ugadi evening which we chose to visit the cubbon park whose trails are shrouded by towering vegetation situated amidst towering city traffic noise and towering concrete edifices. During holiday, authorities prohibit usage of connecting roads situated within the cubbon park for vehicular traffic, which means more fun & freedom. After parking bike at designated parking lot, we began strolling along the verdant trails flanked by tall trees adorned with fresh reborn leaves. Below are the glimpses captured by my optical friend during jaunt. Despite the cloud stricken atmosphere and hazy weather, the HDR shots turned out well. Hope the natural pinnacles of cubbon park last long and does not fall prey to the real-estate goons.

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  1. Very beautiful park. I always say thank God for parks on sweltering days. I'm complaining a bit about the heat here but I think it much hotter where you live.

  2. mind-blowing pics ! thanks for sharing !

  3. What a wonderful photos and place! I would love to walk in this beautiful park!

  4. Cubbon park has always been my favorite. I always wanted to stroll around whenever I visited Bangalore and while passing through, but till date I haven't been to!

  5. I will come back to this place, its huge and open, and have really tall ceilings. Wait staff was also pretty good. Bartender was awesome and personable. I was really pleased with rental spaces for parties here. Ha! I highly recommend these guys.



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