Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Glass House, Lalbagh, Bangalore

For a maiden Bangalore visitor, the primary attraction is none other than the beautiful Lalbagh. Lalbagh is the only nature perceptible currently in Bangalore and serves as quick relief from baking cityscape. Inside Lalbagh, people throng to visit the Glass House at first sight. From many years, authorities have been conducting flower shows inside glass house captivating the ever busy city crowd. The crowd is getting is larger every year and also the flower shows are turning innovative aligning with contemporary trend. Every year on Republic Day(26th January) & Independence Day(15th August), authorities host flower shows inside this Glass House captivating souls of citizens. The flower shows usually lasts for a week. It is festive fervor for photographers especially macro enthusiasts. With most macro lenses lacking Image Stabilization, it may be difficult to snap steady pictures amidst packed & shoving crowd. Since flower show lasts for a week, photo-enthusiasts are advised to visit during dry days. Apart from flower shows, Horticulture department do host few fruit festivals such as  mango. grape & orange during fitting seasons.

All about glass house! This is what placard nearby glass house says.

The pictures are pulled up from my archive which were snapped during my visit 3 years ago. Hope you enjoy them!

A resting hut nearby Glass House

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