Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Monsoon Rain in my village

This was on 24-June-2011 when it rained briefly for few minutes. Finally I captured some heavy showers in my camera. It was raining too much a week before which I missed. We have a camera in house however parents are not interested to use it :(. It started to rain around 9:00AM and went on to become heavy shower for about 5 minutes.  However, later in the day sky was clear with few clouds hovering.

The Monsoon has been sluggish this time in India with too much flooding in Assam and less rain in eastern side. Too much pacific typhoons also have monsoon clouds away from India. Ghat areas of Karnataka has not seen much rain too. Even Bangalore had lowest rain in June after 112 years. Hope everything will be alright in mid of July.

No music this time since I wanted to maintain natural sound of rain. Please watch the video and share your thoughts. Hope I will get opportunity to capture torrential rains somewhere around July.

Pray for good monsoon every year throughout India.

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